There are 4 main definitions of in in English:

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in 1

Pronunciation: /ɪn/


1Expressing the situation of something that is or appears to be enclosed or surrounded by something else: I’m living in London dressed in their Sunday best she saw the bus in the rear-view mirror
More example sentences
  • Once the marriage takes place, the woman is supposed to remain in the house while the man goes to work.
  • What is in that box?
  • He was well known in the area but was a quiet type of man who went about his way in a gentle manner.
1.1Expressing motion with the result that something ends up within or surrounded by something else: don’t put coal in the bath he got in his car and drove off
More example sentences
  • She arrived to be sentenced with her belongings packed in bags ready to take to jail.
  • She also cannot manage the stairs or getting in and out of the bath so has a stairlift and a bathlift too.
  • One of the great attractions of the traditional paddling pool is being able to jump in it.
into, inside, into the interior of
2Expressing a period of time during which an event happens or a situation remains the case: they met in 1885 at one o’clock in the morning I hadn’t seen him in years
More example sentences
  • Most people come to my farm in the afternoon and have traveled a good distance to get there.
  • He hadn't had a girlfriend in ages.
  • I began the book in the summer of 1995.
3Expressing the length of time before a future event is expected to happen: I’ll see you in fifteen minutes
More example sentences
  • He's getting married in a few days.
  • I'll make my mind up in a week or two's time.
  • Tessa will start school in three and a half years.
after, at the end of, following, subsequent to;
within, in less than, in under, in no more than, before a … is up
4(Often followed by a noun without a determiner) expressing a state or condition: to be in love I’ve got to put my affairs in order a woman in her thirties
More example sentences
  • Until the rose bushes are in bloom again, the earlier-flowering bulbs will provide a lively picture.
  • I was madly in love with her and I was pretty sure she was in love with me.
  • Many people lined up for hours to see the movie only to come running out in horror before it was over.
4.1Indicating the quality or aspect with respect to which a judgement is made: no discernible difference in quality
More example sentences
  • The content of the drawings, while generally clear and well-detailed, is variable in quality.
  • While lacking in merit as a decision-maker, he was extremely adroit in working the congressional funding process.
5Expressing inclusion or involvement: I read it in a book acting in a film
More example sentences
  • Because marriage figures so prominently in her novels, much has been made of Austen's decision not to marry.
  • He was a huge hit in the comedy ‘Oh, God!’.
  • Tom Hanks is set to star in the film.
6Indicating someone’s occupation or profession: she works in publishing
More example sentences
  • It is four years since I was in politics.
  • He studied fine art at Nebraska University, completing his degree after service in the army in the First World War.
  • Jeff is working in sales for Southwest Landmark, Ohio.
7Indicating the language or medium used: say it in French put it in writing
More example sentences
  • At that time I painted mostly in watercolor.
  • The questionnaire, in Spanish, took approximately 45 min to administer.
  • She thought that he was the greatest master of the art of telling a story in pictures without words.
7.1Indicating the key in which a piece of music is written: Mozart’s Piano Concerto in E flat
More example sentences
  • It begins in G minor but progresses to a different key, C major.
  • This leads to an extended coda, also in C minor, which gradually works its way back to the G minor key.
  • ‘Eroica’ is the name of Beethoven's Symphony No. 3 in B Flat.
8 [with verbal noun] As an integral part of (an activity): in planning public expenditure it is better to be prudent
More example sentences
  • In announcing the program, Computershare pointed out the environmental benefits of reducing the use of valuable resources such as trees.
  • I was not prepared for the variety of approvals and difficulties that came about in building a golf course.
  • In comparing the results of this study with the database, it was determined that two species previously undocumented had been collected.
9Expressing a value as a proportion of (a whole): a local income tax running at six pence in the pound
More example sentences
  • Anyone who is in that income bracket will pay tax at 19.5c in the dollar.
  • The proposed scheme will involve writing off most of the company's £ 11.4 million debt and, if approved, unsecured creditors will lose 90p in the pound.
  • Perhaps only one in twenty of the city's adult residents had been born there.


1Expressing movement with the result that someone or something becomes enclosed or surrounded by something else: come in presently the admiral breezed in
More example sentences
  • Mr Gilburn, who failed to appear in court, is thought to have moved in with a friend who lives locally.
  • He was in New York for the premiere of Tommy in 1975 and had decided to pop in on his admirer while he was in town.
  • The phone line for the office was put in on time and later today I am hoping to set up my internet connection.
inside, indoors, into the interior, into the room/house/building, within
2Expressing the situation of being enclosed or surrounded by something: we were locked in
More example sentences
  • She had previously enjoyed food with nuts in, including breakfast cereals, and she had eaten chicken curries at other restaurants.
  • Staying in on a day like this is criminal.
  • She turned to the government for help and they found her an apartment for her to live in.
3Expressing arrival: the train got in very late
More example sentences
  • Their first pieces of work would be due in on Wednesday or Thursday of first week.
  • I'm a bit disappointed that my flight out is Friday afternoon, which allowing for time differences gets in at 8pm.
  • Bearing in mind the flight is due in at 11.20 pm, you'll watch its progress on the internet up to 20 minutes before it's due to land.
4(Of the tide) rising or at its highest level.
Example sentences
  • The tide was in, and the breakers were a good twenty feet high when they hit the harbour wall.
  • Night had fallen, and the tide was in.
  • The tide came in and floated our canoes.
high, at its highest level, rising


1 [predicative] Present at one’s home or office: we knocked at the door but there was no one in
More example sentences
  • It is now 10:00 am, and I've only been in for about 20 minutes.
  • I've only been in for five minutes and I stumble across a wedding party.
  • He does little else; his idea of a good time is a night in with some scouting reports.
present, home, at home;
inside, indoors, in the house/room
2 informal Fashionable: pastels and light colours are in this year the in thing to do
More example sentences
  • Luigi's was a large and crowded restaurant that was clearly the in place for the in-crowd.
  • The very in words are slammin' and rockin'.
  • This year, monochromatic colors are the in thing.
3 [predicative] (Of the ball in tennis and similar games) landing within the designated playing area.
Example sentences
  • Before I even came off the pick, I felt the shot was in.
  • As you can see, I held my finish and barely looked up even as the ball went in.
  • I don't think I got any first serves in today.
4 [predicative] Cricket Batting: which side is in?
More example sentences
  • An analysis of his 53 centuries shows that in these innings he made 72% of the runs put on while he was in.


A position of influence with someone powerful or famous: she got an in with the promising new artist
More example sentences
  • For years, people have begged distant relatives concerning even the possibility of anyone knowing someone who has an in with owner Frank Sr.
  • For him, an in with the Bush family is worth more than anything lottery players have in their hand
  • The company has an in with the private club in Switzerland.



be in for

Have good reason to expect (something, typically something unpleasant): she’s in for a shock
More example sentences
  • If he were to visit the shabby military compound, he might be in for an unpleasant surprise.
  • But the critics who long for Johnson's departure may be in for an unpleasant surprise.
  • Anyone who buys this album expecting gentle country wailing will be in for the rudest of shocks.
due for, in line for, likely to receive;
expecting, about to receive, about to experience;
(be in for it)1.1 Have good reason to expect trouble or retribution.
Example sentences
  • Walking up his driveway everything seemed normal, but when he opened the door, he knew he was in for it.
  • By the time Artie got off the call, Gloria knew she was in for it.
  • But for us, we generally have one self-defense weapon, and if that doesn't work, we could be in for it.
in trouble, about to be punished, about to suffer the consequences, about to pay the price, in for a scolding
informal for it, for the high jump, in hot water, in deep water, in (deep) shtook, about to take the rap, about to catch it

have (got) it in for

see have.

in all

see all.

in and out of

Being a frequent visitor to (a house) or frequent inmate of (an institution): they were in and out of each other’s houses all day he was in and out of jail for most of his twenties
More example sentences
  • She was in and out of hospital for the rest of her life and her paintings often depict her suffering.
  • He spent the rest of his life in and out of mental institutions, his serious work at an end.
  • He was in and out of the house on numerous occasions while the police were there.

in on

Privy to (a secret).
Example sentences
  • Ben must have been in on the secret too, because he refused to take off his clothes.
  • Yet if they did they sure as hell weren't letting us in on what should hardly have been a secret.
  • That we hear not even a peep from him is presumably due to the fact that too many sponsors and cronies are in on the great land scam.
privy to, aware of, acquainted with, informed about/of, advised of, apprised of, mindful of, sensible of
informal wise to, clued in on, up on, in the know about, hip to, in the loop
archaic ware of

in so far as

see far.

in that

For the reason that: I was fortunate in that I had friends
More example sentences
  • Rose was also fortunate in that he had an early start when there was no wind.
  • We have a problem in that there is a lack of places for this age group to go.
  • A pillar of the Kirk, he was also unique among journalists in that he hardly ever swore.

in with

informal On friendly terms with: the Krays were in with a couple of MPs
More example sentences
  • He claimed to be so well in with the prime minister that he and his wife had been invited to Chequers.
  • He mentioned that he was well in with the warder.
  • She was led astray by her desire to be in with the young … and to distance herself from old politicians.

the ins and outs

informal All the details.
Example sentences
  • We outline each exercise in detail and walk you through the ins and outs of your training, week by week.
  • I think in the past a lot of these operations were done unnecessarily perhaps, although I don't know the ins and outs of the cases myself.
  • They got together with a collective of media professionals and taught themselves the ins and outs of radio production.


Old English in (preposition), inn, inne (adverb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and German in (preposition), German ein (adverb), from an Indo-European root shared by Latin in and Greek en.

Words that rhyme with in

agin, akin, begin, Berlin, bin, Boleyn, Bryn, chin, chin-chin, Corinne, din, fin, Finn, Flynn, gaijin, Glyn, grin, Gwyn, herein, Ho Chi Minh, inn, Jin, jinn, kin, Kweilin, linn, Lynn, mandolin, mandoline, Min, no-win, pin, Pinyin, quin, shin, sin, skin, spin, therein, thin, Tientsin, tin, Tonkin, Turin, twin, underpin, Vietminh, violin, wherein, whin, whipper-in, win, within, Wynne, yin

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There are 4 main definitions of in in English:

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In 2


The chemical element indium.

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There are 4 main definitions of in in English:

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IN 3


Indiana (in official postal use).

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There are 4 main definitions of in in English:

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in- 4

Pronunciation: /ɪn/


In; into; towards; within: induce influx inborn


In- is also found assimilated in the following forms: il- before l; im- before b, m, p; ir- before r.


Representing in or the Latin preposition in.

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