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Line breaks: in|duc¦tion
Pronunciation: /ɪnˈdʌkʃ(ə)n


[mass noun]
  • 1The action or process of inducting someone to a post or organization: induction into membership of a Masonic brotherhood
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    • Her faction had been the cause of his induction into the organization and was directly responsible for whether he kept working with Mack and Emma or not.
    • ‘Hazing is to be understood as a form of socialization, or of induction into groups,’ said Young.
    • Vaidya's induction into the bank is part of the ongoing management restructuring at the bank, according to a release.
  • 1.1 [usually as modifier] A formal introduction to a new job or position: an induction course
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    • The CO said this year would see a focus on staff inductions, expectations and education, as well as team activities.
    • As job inductions go, the Lord Mayor's Show is certainly wide-ranging.
    • Workers from all sub-contractors go through site inductions and, most times, have to sign-in every day they are on site.
  • 1.2US Enlistment into military service.
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    • I was still on military time from my induction to government service.
    • Among the Zulu, King Shaka abolished initiation and substituted military induction for males.
    • In the 1960s and early 1970s, inner city youth were targeted for induction into military service.
  • 2The process or action of bringing about or giving rise to something: the induction of malformations by radiation
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    • At 810 nm, on the other hand, the frequency of stress induction was much lower.
    • In addition to their induction by hypoxic stress, they are also found in rapidly growing tissues such as root tips of germinating seeds.
    • In this respect it should be noted that induction of heat-shock proteins can also be triggered by stress factors other than heat.
  • 2.1 Medicine The process of bringing on the birth of a baby by artificial means, typically by the use of drugs.
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    • Once the fetal demise was diagnosed, pregnancy was terminated by medical induction, such that the products of conception were largely delivered intact.
    • There seems to be a large percentage of inductions and Caesarian deliveries.
    • A recent study indicates that Cytotec labor inductions in women who have had a previous cesarean carry a 28-fold increase in the risk of uterine rupture.
  • 3 Logic The inference of a general law from particular instances: the admission that laws of nature cannot be established by induction Often contrasted with deduction.
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    • Similarly, there is no deductive proof that induction - inference from past evidence to future occurrences - is valid.
    • The two principal features of Bacon's new method were an emphasis on gradual, progressive inductions, and a method of exclusion.
    • Hans Reichenbach defended it by saying that the only conceivable way we can learn anything about nature is by making inductions from available evidence.
  • 3.1The production of facts to prove a general statement.
  • 3.2 (also mathematical induction) Mathematics A means of proving a theorem by showing that if it is true of any particular case it is true of the next case in a series, and then showing that it is indeed true in one particular case.
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    • Many of the formula on the Fibonacci and Golden Section formulae page can be proved by induction.
    • This result is easy to prove by mathematical induction.
    • The principle of mathematical induction, claimed Poincaré, cannot be logically deduced.
  • 4The production of an electric or magnetic state by the proximity (without contact) of an electrified or magnetized body. See also magnetic induction.
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    • Other topics he worked on include wave propagation, electrical induction, earthquakes, aeronautics, and the theory of tides.
    • This example illustrates the phenomenon of induction - an electrical charge built up due to the rearrangement of atoms.
    • After all parts are connected, electromagnetic induction will cause stimulation of the cochlear nerve, which allows the patient to perceive sound.
  • 4.1The production of an electric current in a conductor by varying the magnetic field applied to the conductor.
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    • These assumed action at a distance and deduced the mathematical laws for induction of electric currents.
    • According to Faraday's laws of electromagnetic induction, a changing magnetic field can induce electric current to flow in any conductive structure nearby.
    • As this bobbin is such an excellent conductor, the change in the magnetic flux is opposed in the bobbin by the induction of an alternating current.
  • 5The stage of the working cycle of an internal-combustion engine in which the fuel mixture is drawn into the cylinders.
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    • In speaking of Newtonian mechanics, he praised it for bringing so much under so few hypotheses, and spoke of it as a ‘consilience of inductions.’


late Middle English: from Latin inductio(n-), from the verb inducere 'lead into' (see induce).

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