Definition of inelastic in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˌɪnɪˈlastɪk/


1(Of a substance or material) not elastic: a tough, inelastic membrane
More example sentences
  • The cuff is an inelastic cloth that encircles the arm and encloses the inflatable rubber bladder.
  • Some polymers stretch to 10 times their length, whereas metals are relatively inelastic, he says.
  • Graduated compression therapy to overcome venous hypertension is useful and can be applied using inelastic or elastic bandages.
2 Economics (Of demand or supply) insensitive to changes in price or income.
Example sentences
  • With an inelastic demand, much lower prices and lower incomes (excluding large increases in subsidies) resulted.
  • A slight drop in price does not endear the other newspaper - more or less newspaper demand is price inelastic.
  • If this occurs, rice prices would decline, given that the demand for rice is relatively inelastic.
3 Physics (Of a collision) involving an overall loss of translational kinetic energy.
Example sentences
  • In mechanical systems, there is always a certain amount of energy lost as heat due to frictional processes and inelastic collisions between moving parts.
  • This transfer occurs when a photon undergoes an inelastic collision with a molecule, and energy is either imparted to or obtained from the material.
  • Suppose further that a net amount of energy E is emitted in this inelastic collision, say in the form of heat.



Example sentences
  • The results clearly demonstrated that removal of inelastically scattered electrons significantly improved intensity data statistics.
  • When this moral hazard is present, credit flows rapidly into inelastically supplied assets, such as real estate.
  • Let us consider the example of a high energy electron scattering inelastically with a proton, the result yielding evidence of quarks.


Pronunciation: /ˌɪnɪlaˈstɪsɪti/
Example sentences
  • And the issue there is what I would call the continuing geographical elasticity of the Republican coalition and the relative inelasticity of the Democrats’.
  • The two extreme categories of perfect inelasticity and perfect elasticity are generally of no empirical interest, but usefully bound the value of an elasticity.
  • The inelasticity of food production drove up prices, while the inelasticity of industry pushed down wages.
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