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Line breaks: in¦ept
Pronunciation: /ɪˈnɛpt

Definition of inept in English:


Having or showing no skill; clumsy: the referee’s inept handling of the match
More example sentences
  • This is the second year we have been disenfranchised by this inept system and incompetence behind its planning.
  • Things are so much easier now I can converse, albeit in a choppy inept way, in Japanese.
  • Apparently she was enraged by the inept actions of the person ahead of her at the drive-in ATM.
incompetent, unskilful, unskilled, inexpert, amateurish, crude, rough;
unproductive, unsuccessful, ineffectual, inadequate, inferior, substandard, wanting, lacking, not up to scratch
informal cack-handed, ham-fisted, ham-handed, butterfingered
British informal all thumbs, all fingers and thumbs
North American informal klutzy


mid 16th century (in the sense 'not apt, unsuitable'): from Latin ineptus, from in- 'not' + aptus (see apt).



Example sentences
  • This kind of ineptitude, though, is typical of what has gone on in this lamentably sub-standard group.
  • Even they must have been surprised at the sheer ineptitude of his defence as they surrendered a couple of early tries.
  • We must no longer put up with this kind of ineptitude and mismanagement.


Example sentences
  • The director seems to view himself as an auteur… As poorly written, ineptly directed, and hideously acted as the film is, its biggest sin is that it's boring.
  • Corruption had become endemic, the economy was ineptly managed, and the ruling party itself was unable to offer anything but fossilized mantras.
  • At times, after a particularly long-winded question ineptly put, the defendant would look totally at sea.


Example sentences
  • The Government was frightened that once there was decent scrutiny of the legislation, the weakness and ineptness of it would be plain for all to see.
  • It is even possible that the FBI's complete ineptness in investigating terrorism was at least partly caused by misdirection of other parts of the U. S. government.
  • There is a gulf between the perceived ineptness of many backbenchers and the acknowledged competence - sometimes seen as arrogance - of frontline ministers.

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