There are 3 main definitions of it in English:

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it 1

Line breaks: it


[third person singular]
1Used to refer to a thing previously mentioned or easily identified: a room with two beds in it this approach is refreshing because it breaks down barriers
More example sentences
  • The great thing about an event like this is that it involves people from all walks of life and there is a real sense of camaraderie.
  • Mrs. Henderson walked into the room holding a tray with his breakfast on it.
  • But one voice truly stood out - and it did not belong to any of the private school pupils in the show.
1.1Referring to an animal or child of unspecified sex: she was holding the baby, cradling it and smiling into its face
More example sentences
  • We are now happily married and already expecting our first child - I hope it will be a girl.
  • When the child was a child, it had no opinion about anything.
  • Cumbria Police said the sheep appeared to have panicked as the men chased it.
1.2Referring to a fact or situation previously mentioned, known, or happening: stop it, you’re hurting me
More example sentences
  • When the flag is up it means that a minimum inventory standard has been violated and more parts are needed.
  • Oh, stop it, I'm blushing.
  • It's not news that nitrogen prices are skyrocketing, and your customers will want to know why and what to do about it.
2Used to identify a person: it’s me it’s a boy!
More example sentences
  • From what I gathered, it was his mum on the line, and he seemed really taken aback at what she had to say.
  • Was it you who told me the joke?
  • Hi, it's me, Mandy, I'm in Italy.
3Used in the normal subject position in statements about time, distance, or weather: it’s half past five it was two miles to the island it’s raining
More example sentences
  • When it gets cold in Chicago, the snow way up to my knees, I still wear my sandals.
  • It was now past ten o'clock.
  • I hear it might snow tonight.
4Used in the normal subject or object position when a more specific subject or object is given later in the sentence: it is impossible to assess the problem she found it interesting to learn about their strategy
More example sentences
  • At the time, he found it frustrating that he could not figure out the right questions to ask.
  • Does it matter what they think?
  • It's difficult to absorb the costs and remain competitive.
5 [with clause] Used to emphasize a following part of a sentence: it is the child who is the victim
More example sentences
  • So the problem isn't that these things are unoriginal: it's that they're perceived as being original when they're not.
  • It is the commander who is the first to take the blame for accidents.
  • It wasn't until that moment that I realised we had nothing left apart from the clothes we stood up in.
6The situation or circumstances; things in general: no one can stay here—it’s too dangerous now he would like to see you straight away if it’s convenient
More example sentences
  • At other top clubs at the time, players often liked to enjoy themselves with a couple of beers when it was appropriate.
  • We will not move in until it is safe.
  • Washington is a good place, I like it there, but I really, really like to be in Texas.
7Exactly what is needed or desired: they thought they were it you’ve either got it or you haven’t
More example sentences
  • Then we looked at Tim's original movie and thought, that's it.
  • Bands either have it or they don't.
  • He says that when he saw Wood's acting clips, he knew she was it.
8 (usually ‘it’) informal Sexual intercourse or sex appeal: the only thing I knew nothing about was ‘it’
More example sentences
  • She did it with a boy when she was in high school.
  • There has been an increase in amateur porn where real people do it for the cameras and beam their digital selves across the world via the Internet.
  • I talk more about naughty stuff when I'm not getting it.
9 [attributive] (It) informal Denoting a person or thing that is exceptionally fashionable, popular, or successful at a particular time: they were Hollywood’s It couple the company is renting out the It bags of the moment for as little as £10 a week
[After It girl]
More example sentences
  • With a mere 12 songs to the band's credit, the New York City garage rock quintet became the It band du jour following the 2001 release of Is This It.
  • If the magazine isn't waxing lyrical about 'new boho' accessories, the new Fendi it bag or raffia accessories, it's asking 'Can you think yourself thin?'
  • The company president predicted that the bags would all 'sell like hot cakes', nevertheless, fashion followers agreed there was to be no single it bag.
10 (usually ‘it’) (In children’s games) the player who has to catch the others.
Example sentences
  • Elly tagged Karina and ran off, ‘you're it.’


at it
see at1.
that's it
1That is the main point or difficulty: ‘Is she going?’ ‘That’s just it—she can’t make up her mind.’
More example sentences
  • Montoya is harder to get past than Schumacher, and that's it really.
  • I did not tell the truth when I should have done and that's it, sir.
  • Their behaviour was - that's it - more American than British.
2That is enough or the end: okay, that’s it, you’ve cried long enough
More example sentences
  • And now Robbie's on the radio… that's it, I'm off to bed.
  • I think that, having dived all the main wrecks, that's it for the Key Largo part of my trip.
  • I'm meeting the lads for a couple of drinks in the union - and that's it.
this is it
1The expected event is about to happen: this is it—the big sale
More example sentences
  • In all its glittering glory - this is it, the absolute best of everything Minneapolis and St. Paul have to offer: the 2004 Best of the Twin Cities Showcase Showdown!
  • So this is it; after over 20 years of traveling the globe and chanting from the hilltops, the Boys have come back to where it all began.
  • My mom would be thrilled if I came and told her well, this is it, I decided I would like to marry.
2This is enough or the end: this is it, I’m going
More example sentences
  • Do whatever you feel you want to be remembered by, because this is it.
  • At one point I thought this is it, I am going to die.
  • Fear is about realising one fine day that there is no ‘life is elsewhere’, this is it, raw, painful and imperfect, without any of the finery.
3This is the main point or difficulty.
Example sentences
  • If poetic injustice means anything, this is it.


Old English hit, neuter of he, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch het.

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There are 3 main definitions of it in English:

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it 2 Line breaks: it


[mass noun] British informal, dated
Italian vermouth: he poured a gin and it
More example sentences
  • The lady was doubtful, but at last decided on Guinness, and the gentleman wanted a gin and it.
  • I thought I'd been the perfect hostess till one of the dowagers asked for ‘gin and it.’


1930s: abbreviation.

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There are 3 main definitions of it in English:

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IT 3 Line breaks: IT
Pronunciation: /ʌɪˈtiː/


[mass noun]
Short for information technology. the development and use of IT are certain to bring about changes in education [as modifier]: basic IT skills
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