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Line breaks: label
Pronunciation: /ˈleɪb(ə)l

Definition of label in English:


1A small piece of paper, fabric, plastic, or similar material attached to an object and giving information about it: the alcohol content is clearly stated on the label price labels
More example sentences
  • Our bin has been put out regularly on the date stipulated on the attached label.
  • However, manufacturers could be breaking the law if the information on labels is misleading to the public.
  • My mother works part-time in a factory where she weighs chickens before sealing them in plastic and then attaching labels.
1.1A piece of fabric sewn inside a garment and bearing the brand name, size, or instructions for care: a garment with the label ‘Laura Ashley’
More example sentences
  • Finally, don't fret if your pattern size is larger than your ready-to-wear size - there won't be any size labels on the finished garment!
  • First and foremost, always follow the cleaning instructions on your garment's label.
  • Aren't there any tags or labels inside the boot that could give us a hint?
1.2The piece of paper in the centre of a record giving the artist and title.
1.3A company that produces recorded music: independent labels
More example sentences
  • It was up to the smaller independent labels to record and market new sounds.
  • When we started our record label, disco music was selling.
  • We, as musicians, need the resources of record labels to promote our music.
1.4The name or trademark of a fashion company: she plans to launch her own designer clothes label
More example sentences
  • It's no coincidence that most of today's major fashion labels push their own line of hats to complement their brand of clothing and accessories.
  • Dubai has a range of fashion houses, from designer labels like Armani to economy brands like Giordano.
  • I think men are much more aware of designer labels and fashion trends than they were even a year ago.
2A classifying phrase or name applied to a person or thing, especially one that is inaccurate or restrictive: the label ‘salsaseems especially meaningless when applied to musicians like Tito Puente
More example sentences
  • But the label stuck and politically I was ‘right wing’.
  • Both parties try to tag their opponents' policies with phrases and labels intended to place them in the most negative light.
  • For now, the US seems to be avoiding the genocide label but is sticking with ethnic cleansing to describe the situation.
2.1(In a dictionary entry) a word or words used to specify the subject area, register, or geographical origin of the word being defined: the italic part-of-speech label follows the pronunciation
More example sentences
  • Interestingly, Australian-edited dictionaries no longer use ‘slang’ as a register label.
2.2 Computing A string of characters used to refer to a particular instruction in a program.
Example sentences
  • If there is a label in any given line, we save the label and the device filename in a hash.
  • The lack of consistency in program labels and definitions nationwide creates a thorny obstacle to research synthesis.
  • The system creates a unique identifier or label for each stored object.
2.3 Biology & Chemistry A radioactive isotope, fluorescent dye, or enzyme used to make something identifiable for study: radioactive labels
More example sentences
  • Some techniques involve the application of radioactive labels to the proteins.
  • These machines attached different colored fluorescent tags to the DNA fragments instead of radioactive labels, and read them off automatically.
  • Alternatively, the presence of the protein of interest on the gel can be detected by using a detectable label - e.g. a radioactive ion or compound to the protein.
3 Heraldry A narrow horizontal strip, typically with three downward projections, that is superimposed on a coat of arms by an eldest son during the life of his father.
Example sentences
  • Every member of the family is awarded a distinctive coat of arms with a label, issued by Royal Warrant from the Queen rather than a grant of arms from the heralds as others receive.
4 Architecture another term for dripstone.

verb (labels, labelling, labelled; US labels, labeling, labeled)

[with object] Back to top  
1Attach a label to (something): she labelled the parcels neatly, writing the addresses in capital letters
More example sentences
  • Workbook exercises are labeled to correspond neatly with the main text they support.
  • You cannot mark or label your package as containing firearms.
  • The majority of the vehicles are labelled with essential details - model, brand and year - and in some cases special features are also mentioned.
tag, attach labels to, put labels on, tab, ticket, stamp, mark, put stickers on, docket, flag
1.1Assign to a category, especially inaccurately or restrictively: many pupils felt that they were labelled as failures [with object and complement]: the critics labelled him a loser
More example sentences
  • Measures designed to promote and protect local educational values could be labelled as ‘barriers to trade’.
  • One is tempted to conclude that it reflects a fear that anyone who is publicly critical of the extent of the problems will be labelled as a racist or similar.
  • We need to accept that the majority of young people don't commit crime and those that do need help and support, rather than being labelled as bad or evil.
2 Biology & Chemistry Make (a substance, molecule, or cell) identifiable by replacing an atom with one of a distinctive radioactive isotope, or by attaching a fluorescent dye, enzyme, or other molecule: insulin labelled with iodine-125 was used as a tracer
More example sentences
  • The radioactive carbon is the tracer molecule and the carbon dioxide has been labelled or tagged.
  • Cells were labeled with fluorescent lipid analogs before cholesterol depletion.
  • Although not easy, cell membranes are frequently labeled with fluorescent fatty acids and lipids.


Middle English (denoting a narrow strip): from Old French, 'ribbon', probably of Germanic origin and related to lap1.



Example sentences
  • If these Kroy labelers are not suitable for what you need to do, please check out the complete list of label printers we offer.
  • Cheap manual labelers like the trusty Dymo work fine too, but they take more time, are clumsier to use, and produce labels that look, well, homemade.
  • We have been selling quality, industrial labelers for over 37 years.

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