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1 informal A boy or young man (often as a form of address): come in, lad, and shut the door
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  • The baby is just over two weeks old - handsome little lad.
  • We still see Kenny, he stays at our house sometimes, so we still stay in touch - he's a great little lad.
  • Poor lad, he hadn't a clue what to do next.
boy, schoolboy, youth, youngster, juvenile, stripling, young fellow, junior, whippersnapper
informal kid, nipper, shaver
Scottish informal laddie
derogatory brat, urchin
1.1 (lads) British A group of men sharing recreational, working, or other interests: she wouldn’t let him go out with the lads any more a furious row ensued between the referee and our lads
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  • Fans will be able to judge for themselves when the lads' debut album drops in the early summer of 2005.
  • Best wishes to the lads with this major step in their music careers.
  • Last week was a fantastic win but the lads would have been confident anyway.
1.2British A boisterously macho or high-spirited young man: Tony was a bit of a lad—always had an eye for the women
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  • In order to fit in with the lads, he finds himself going out on a Friday night club crawl.
  • That came out through an interview I did with Zoo magazine, which is kind of a lad's magazine.
  • Now I'm one of the lads, happy to share a pint down the pub.
informal guy, fellow, geezer, customer, gent
British informal chap, bloke
North American informal dude, hombre
Australian/New Zealand informal digger
South African informal oke, ou
Indian informal admi
British informal , dated cove
Scottish archaic carl
2British A stable worker (regardless of age or sex): it’s great for the lads that the horse has won the National
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  • But I think I would want to come home to the yard, lads and horses - I just hope that dilemma may one day be reality!
  • The two horses were really well up to the race and the two lads gave them beautiful rides.
  • The lad then gave me directions to go and visit Rummy at his own stables whenever I wanted and happily I did so on two more occasions before his death.


Middle English: of unknown origin.

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