Definition of lamb in English:

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Pronunciation: /lam/


1A young sheep.
Example sentences
  • More than 90% of the sheep were marked as lambs, and all rams were individually identifiable.
  • We are told that dogs are presently loose in the fields at night, and are a danger to the sheep and their young lambs.
  • A farmer has lost all his sheep, 300 lambs among them, shot by young men from Her Majesty's Armed Forces, whose sergeant had been reduced to hidden tears.
1.1 [mass noun] The flesh of a lamb as food: we had roast lamb for supper [as modifier]: lamb chops
More example sentences
  • Grilled steak, pork roast, sautéed lamb chops, or roast chicken would make a perfect pairing.
  • Main courses included roast beef, lamb and pork from the carvery, steak and kidney pie, poached chicken with mushroom and asparagus sauce and vegetable lasagne.
  • You need best end of neck lamb chops but don't over-trim them; leave a little fat on for flavour.
1.2Used figuratively as a symbol of meekness or innocence: he accepted her decision like a lamb
More example sentences
  • The singer is admitting to the listener that he is feigning the innocence of a lamb in order to get close to Little Red.
  • Thank God for all right thinking parents out there who have shielded the innocent lambs of the world from this menace.
  • Me, I'd rather sit here eating a Tootsie Roll Pop, innocent as a newborn lamb, and not worry about stuff like the police.
1.3Used to describe or address someone regarded with affection or pity, especially a young child: the poor lamb is very upset
More example sentences
  • They seem to be okay now, though, the poor lambs.
  • As for the poor lambs, well they're still being killed.
  • How else would the poor lambs get a decent break before being slaughtered in the main event of the winter?


1 [no object] (Of a ewe) give birth to lambs: Shetland sheep lamb very easily
More example sentences
  • With ewes lambing now, lambs for slaughter are in short supply.
  • The RSPCA was the first agency to begin making a real difference to animal welfare problems when it became clear that thousands of ewes were lambing in appalling conditions, because of movement restrictions.
  • If the first few ewes lamb with poor milk supply - seek help and take action.
1.1 [with object] Tend (ewes) at lambing time: I lambed a flock of 30 ewes for a neighbour
More example sentences
  • ‘All the ewes are lambed inside and stay inside for about 48 hours to mother them up so that they don't get separated when they go out, hopefully into the sunshine on Bredon Hill,’ Mr Freestone said.
  • Mr Chambers and his wife Wendy, who keep a herd of Hebridean sheep on their smallholding near Monkton Farleigh, are busy lambing this week.
  • I, for my part, have to confess to you I have a little sheep farm and I was lambing before I came here this morning.
2 [with object] (lamb someone down) Australian /NZ informal, dated Encourage someone to squander their money, especially on alcohol: Pitt had been lambed down at the Pig and Whistle



in lamb

(Of a ewe) pregnant: ewes in lamb are marked with blue paint
More example sentences
  • The ewes in lamb are being moved to safer paddocks beyond the museum, while the goats and the pony have been found temporary homes.
  • I am an ex-farmer, and was very surprised to see ewes heavy in lamb being mustered.
  • Alas, poachers have again struck in Kwelera and just a few mornings ago a bush buck ewe, in lamb, was found just at the back door of a neighbour.

the Lamb of God (also the Lamb)

A title of Jesus Christ (see John 1:29).
Example sentences
  • With this knowledge in our grasp we understand that what has gone wrong in our world is sin, and furthermore the only way to correct his problem is to have that sin remitted by the blood of the perfect sacrifice, the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, never sinned.
  • To borrow a phrase that St. Augustine loved to use, God's deepest desire at Mass is that we become the very thing that we receive, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God.

like a lamb to the slaughter

As a helpless victim.
Example sentences
  • I watched him move around the pre-op room, a handsome man in his scrubs, tall and strong, unlike poor me, lying there like a lamb to the slaughter.
  • I didn't know what I was doing, but I thought I did and I was like a lamb to the slaughter because of it.
  • Thus, Labour chiefs believe Osborne will be like a lamb to the slaughter for Brown.



Example sentences
  • A resumption of lamb sales in the marts would bring much needed competition to the sheep market and also allow hill sheep producers and late lambers to sell.
  • Against all predictions, trade was better, especially in the Suffolk Cross breeding section, where purchasers were looking for a few early lambers.
  • During the lunch hour, I was waiting for the lambers to get back, and I waited all alone in a big field of about 100 pregnant ewes, the last of the herd to come through.


Example sentences
  • If the general was a tiger, his staff officers were selected from the lambs; if he was lamblike, then they were chosen for their tigerishness.
  • The camels ‘exhibited the most lamblike docility,’ the local newspaper reported.
  • Under its influence, the tender heart became stone, and the lamblike disposition gave way to one of tiger-like fierceness.


Old English, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch lam and German Lamm.

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