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Pronunciation: /ˈlamɪneɪt/
[with object] (often as adjective laminated)
1Overlay (a flat surface) with a layer of plastic or some other protective material: the book had a shiny laminated cover we will laminate your photos in clear plastic
More example sentences
  • The prints can also be laminated for protection and/or mounted onto Kappa board for extra sturdiness.
  • The credit card with driver's license may be laminated to provide additional protection against the alteration of information thereon.
  • Or send me $15, plus $1 shipping, and I will send you one laminated in plastic.
cover, overlay, coat, surface, face;
veneer, glaze
1.1Manufacture (something) by bonding layers of material together: windows fitted with laminated glass
More example sentences
  • For flooring, narrow strips of bamboo are laminated together to form planks, which can be glued or nailed to a subfloor.
  • Vanceva [R] is the only laminated safety glass available in over 1000 colours.
  • The panes are laminated glass, which resist shattering if struck by a falling branch.
1.2Split into layers or leaves: (as adjective laminated) the laminated sediments of the eastern Pacific
More example sentences
  • In fact, the lower Hamstead Member is difficult to distinguish from the Bembridgc Marls Member in that both are greyish laminated muds.
  • Narrower type 1 dykes can be massive or laminated throughout their width.
  • Sandstone beds are tabular cross-stratified and wave-ripple laminated.
1.3Beat or roll (metal) into thin plates.
Example sentences
  • Two layers of steel are laminated with a thin plastic layer in-between.
  • In sizes for handguns, rifles and shotguns, the Exomesh fabric has an interlocking construction that combines woven steel cables laminated to high-tenacity nylon.
  • Roofs are typhoon-proof with laminated panels of zinc and stainless steel, their unique dimensions and forms achieved by computer-aided design.


Pronunciation: /ˈlamɪnət/
1A laminated structure or material: the blade is suitable for cutting plastics or laminates [mass noun]: a sheet of laminate
More example sentences
  • The system is capable of heating through wood, laminates or other materials.
  • It does not color well, so is used for moldings for electrical parts and as a backing material for laminates, where it is usually colored black.
  • Architects who are concerned with the look of the roof, he says, usually eschew laminates in favor of materials such as metal or slate for their high-end projects.
1.1A small badge made of laminated plastic bearing the wearer’s name: my face and laminate were checked by the security man
More example sentences
  • ‘My name is Broderick Honnicut,’ he declares, tapping the press laminate.


Pronunciation: /ˈlamɪnət/
In the form of a lamina or laminae.
Example sentences
  • The cells lack a sheath and are uni-nucleate with a conspicuous single laminate parietal chloroplast that encircles less than half of the cell.
  • As with many conventional laminate substrates, the die is wire bonded to the tape and encapsulated with a moulding compound.
  • A group of 18 daily exposed workers in a semiconductor copper laminate circuit board manufacturing plant participated.



Example sentences
  • Gold is a very soft, laminable and ductible metal.


Pronunciation: /ˌlamɪˈneɪʃ(ə)n/
Example sentences
  • Heat transfer from the conductor bars to the sheet steel laminations is excellent, minimizing local overheating within the rotor during a severe overload peak.
  • These layers appear as light and dark laminations in cross-section.
  • After lamination, snowboard edges are finished with metal or plastic.


Example sentences
  • After smashing their way through a rear window they stole a computer stack, keyboard, screen, photocopier, printer, laminator, television, video recorder and computer games.
  • I've seen Federal Government ID's - give me half an hour, a computer, and a substandard laminator, and I could make one.
  • The firm has set its sights on bigger things this year and has invested £40,000 installing a new large format digital printer and laminator.


Mid 17th century: from lamina + -ate2.

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