There are 2 main definitions of lank in English:

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lank 1

Line breaks: lank


1(Of hair) long, limp, and straight: the man had lank, brown, greasy hair
More example sentences
  • My hair was lank and dull, I was very thin, brown pigmentation began to spread up my arms and on my cheeks; I was depressingly unattractive.
  • She belongs round the back of the bike sheds, her hair is lank, her eyes are usually dull, and she is not expected to be a high-achiever academically.
  • He has lank hair, with a receding hairline, and nice hands.
limp, lifeless, lustreless;
straggling, straggly, dull, unkempt, untidy;
straight, long
informal ratty
2(Of a person) lanky: he sprawled his long, lank figure over a chair
More example sentences
  • First of all, his lank, angular appearance combined with his monotone voice and gloomy disposition aren't very soothing and reassuring.
  • He was thin and dark as the world itself, like a plant stuck in the shadows, growing tall and lank, reaching for the sun that was just a little higher… always a little higher out of reach of the Dark.
  • The man, now 25 years old, was lank and thin, bound to a bed by the wrists and ankles, his mouth sealed with electrical tape.


Example sentences
  • Hmmm, I guess what I'm seeing now is how he'd really look without the help of on-screen make-up, and with what's left of his hair uncombed and flapping lankly.
  • He was very tall and muscular and bronzed and lightly tattooed, with long blond hair that hung lankly down his back.
  • He has grown up into a lean, furtive young man; his hair flopping lankly over a sharp fox's nose.


Old English hlanc 'thin', of Germanic origin; related to German lenken 'to bend, turn', also to flinch and link1.

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There are 2 main definitions of lank in English:

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lank 2 Line breaks: lank


South African informal
1Very numerous or plentiful: come and share our braai—we’ve got lank meat
2Very good; fantastic: dad’s got a lank new car


Sense 1 is perhaps from Afrikaans geld lank 'money galore'; sense 2 may be related to Afrikaans lank nie sleg nie 'not at all bad'.

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