There are 2 main definitions of Lao in English:

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Lao 1

Pronunciation: /laʊ/

noun (plural same or Laos)

1A member of an indigenous people of Laos and NE Thailand.
Example sentences
  • He has built reliquaries and other religious monuments indiscriminately in areas inhabited by many Tai-speaking groups (Northern Thai, Lue, Lao, Khoen and Shan).
  • Ricebowl is a phrase used to describe people of Asian origin, Indians, Cambodians, Lao, Thais, Vietnamese, Chinese, et cetera.
  • The descendants of the people of Nanchao make up the modern day Shan, Lao and Thai.
2 [mass noun] The language of the Lao, closely related to Thai, with about 3 million speakers. Also called Laotian.
Example sentences
  • It is distantly related to Cantonese and other Chinese dialects, and closely related to Lao and Thai.
  • Because of the pattern of males leaving the village to work in cities or in northern Thailand for a few years, men are more likely to speak a national language like Thai or Lao.
  • That would be no problem for ours who all speak two languages - Thai and Lao!


Relating to the Lao or their language.
Example sentences
  • As such, she assists in promoting Lao culture, language, and arts through classes and support services.
  • The Lao government worries that Lao language and culture is being corrupted by the popularity of these programs and that youth are learning the wrong values from the commercialism of Thailand.
  • That aside, conversation with these young monks, keen to brush up on their English, can give the tourist a unique insight into Lao culture - and in most cases their intentions are wholly genuine, if not genuinely holy.


The name in Lao.

Words that rhyme with Lao

allow, avow, Bilbao, Bissau, bough, bow, bow-wow, brow, cacao, chow, ciao, cow, dhow, Dow, endow, Foochow, Frau, Hangzhou, Hough, how, Howe, kowtow, Liao, Macao, Macau, miaow, Mindanao, mow, now, ow, Palau, plough (US plow), pow, prow, row, scow, Slough, sough, sow, Tao, thou, vow, wow, Yangshao
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There are 2 main definitions of Lao in English:

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Laos (international vehicle registration).
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