Definition of leash in English:

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Pronunciation: /liːʃ/


1A dog’s lead.
Example sentences
  • In this experiment with dogs, each dog was led on a leash from a starting point along a straight path in a large field with no distinguishing landmarks and was shown a piece of food.
  • First, practice with your dog on the leash or teaching lead.
  • They were fastened in their kennels with leashes and couldn't get out.
lead, rein, tether, rope, cord, chain, line, strap;
archaic lyam
1.1 Falconry A thong or string attached to the jesses of a hawk, used for tying it to a perch or a creance.
Example sentences
  • If you time-travelled any one of Ghengis Khan's myriad falconers into a modern hawking set-up he'd be more than familiar with the leashes, jesses and other falconry ‘furniture’ still used.
1.2A restraint: her bristling temper was kept on a leash the state needs to let business off the leash
More example sentences
  • Noise still rears an ugly head but, instead of relentlessly bashing away, it is under a leash and controlled.
  • A supine Congress like the present one is rapidly eroding the American founding fathers' vision of a legislature keeping the executive branch on a tight leash.
  • A prohibition on taking deposits in local currency, strict capital requirements and a lid on opening branches are keeping foreign giants on a tight leash.
control, restraint, check, curb, rein, hold, discipline
2 Hunting rare A group of three animals such as hounds, hawks, or foxes: I saw a leash of foxes killed without a run
More example sentences
  • We at one time had but a leash of hounds to carry on the scent.
  • I killed four brace of partridges, a wild duck, and a leash of hares.
  • The hounds moved on to Ashby pasture where they found a leash of foxes.


[with object]
1Put a leash on (a dog): he called Azor to heel so that he could leash him
More example sentences
  • Larger dogs may be taken on the T during off-peak hours and must be leashed and controlled at all times.
  • Pets are welcome throughout the remainder of the park including trails, but they must be leashed at all times.
  • The Fairfax County Park Authority has always welcomed leashed dogs in all of its parks.
put a leash on, put a lead on, fasten, hitch up, tether, tie up, secure, bind, fetter;
confine, restrain
1.1Restrain: his violence was barely leashed
More example sentences
  • The security moms are panting with barely leashed desire.
  • Angela Lansbury's 1962 villain was an ice queen but Meryl Streep turns her into a barely leashed neurotic who escalates hissy fits into diatribes.
  • His touch is that curious blend of tenderness and leashed violence that is the hallmark of a genuine man.
curb, control, keep under control, check, restrain, hold back, suppress


strain at the leash

Be eager to begin or do something: by this time we were straining at the leash to get away
More example sentences
  • And perhaps the sight of their older married brothers straining at the leash is giving them pause.
  • You may think of soldiers as gung-ho types who strained at the leash last year to invade.
  • It was to get to that unheard of city I'd agitated and strained at the leash of Albany Park.
eager, impatient, anxious, enthusiastic
informal itching, dying, gagging


Middle English: from Old French lesse, laisse, from laissier in the specific sense 'let run on a slack lead' (see lease).

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