There are 2 main definitions of link in English:

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link 1

Line breaks: link


1A relationship between two things or situations, especially where one affects the other: a commission to investigate a link between pollution and forest decline
More example sentences
  • Further research will be necessary to determine the direction of causality of that link and to investigate possible links with aggressive behavior.
  • The work will look at what else in the body is affected by anti-inflammatory drugs to identify potential links with bowel cancer.
  • Police in Salisbury are investigating links with an armed robbery in Amesbury, after a man was seen with a handgun last week.
connection, relationship, relatedness, association, linkage, tie-up
1.1A relationship or connection between people, countries, or organizations: he retained strong links with the media
More example sentences
  • What is the University doing to forge closer links with the local community?
  • She will tell universities they must forge closer links with their local communities and schools.
  • For those who want a stable Asia, the interest in establishing close links with Japan should be obvious.
bond, tie, attachment, connection, relationship, association, affiliation;
mutual interest, liaison;
1.2Something that enables communication between people: sign language interpreters represent a vital link between the deaf and hearing communities
More example sentences
  • The origins of this project lie in the aspirations of the EU to foster and develop greater links of communication and co-operation between Europeans.
  • These ‘storyboards’ became powerful communication links for all who walked the Disney halls.
  • He has been a beat officer for the past three years and is a vital link between the community and police.
1.3A means of contact, travel, or transport between two places: they set up a satellite link with Tokyo a high-speed rail link to the Channel Tunnel
More example sentences
  • Yet, distance is not the only criteria on which to compare the options of VHF and satellite links.
  • The Teledesic architecture is wireless point-to-point links between a satellite and a fixed station on the ground.
  • Transportation links by road and water continue to be erratic in Croatia, so flying to Split and taking the ferry remains the most efficient means of getting to and from the island.
1.4 Computing A code or instruction which connects one part of a program or an element in a list to another.
Example sentences
  • You may republish if you include an active link to the original and leave this notice in place.
  • Sorry I can't post a direct link to any direct article.
  • Do you want to know the best way to obtain inbound links to your web site?
1.5 short for hyperlink.
2A ring or loop in a chain: a chain made of steel links figurative ministers are the vital link in the chain between the civil service and Parliament
More example sentences
  • Many of the men wear finely-wrought gold rings, like open links of chain, around their necks.
  • That simple purchase, however, was foreordained to be a vital link in the chain of Reformation history in England.
  • The other vital link in the chain are the bureaucrats.
loop, ring, connection, connective, connector, coupling, joint, knot
2.1A unit of measurement of length equal to one hundredth of a surveying chain (7.92 inches).


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1Make, form, or suggest a connection with or between: rumours that linked his name with Judith foreign and domestic policy are linked [no object]: she linked up with an artistic group
More example sentences
  • Every pupil will be linked up with an undergraduate mentor and they will attend lectures as well as lessons.
  • It also has a cross border element and is also linked up with schools in Austria and Luxembourg.
  • The former Real Madrid ace linked up with his new Middlesbrough team mates for the first time yesterday.
associate, connect, relate, join, bracket, draw a connection between, marry, wed
1.1Connect or join physically: a network of routes linking towns and villages the cows are linked up to milking machines
More example sentences
  • They are medium-distance through-routes connecting important towns and linking the national primary routes.
  • Direct trains to Greenwich, Lewisham, Gravesend and Charing Cross, combined with several bus routes linking the town to Dartford and Bluewater, make it easy to get in and out of Crayford.
  • What about the promise that Sligo would be linked up to the new natural gas line?
join, connect, fasten, attach, bind, unite, combine, amalgamate;
clamp, secure, fix, affix, tie, stick, hitch, bond, knit, glue, cement, fuse, weld, solder, couple, yoke
1.2 Computing Create a hyperlink between (web pages or hypertext documents): I’ve had problems linking my blog to other websites [no object]: it turns out he reads my blogs and was very pleased I’d linked to his article
More example sentences
  • His address can be found at the web page linked in the next paragraph.
  • Specific research interests are listed on the individual faculty pages linked at the left.
  • Sorry about the bad link earlier, I can't seem to link the page directly.
1.3Clasp; intertwine: once outside he linked arms with her
More example sentences
  • I follow Matt outside, where he links his arm with mine.
  • She didn't let any of her new nervousness show and forced a smile as she showed off the dress before linking her arm through his once more and then walking back up the aisle.
  • In Kiev, protesters standing five deep and linking arms blockaded the cabinet building.


Late Middle English (denoting a loop; also as a verb in the sense 'connect physically'): from Old Norse hlekkr, of Germanic origin; related to German Gelenk 'joint'.

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There are 2 main definitions of link in English:

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link 2 Line breaks: link


A torch of pitch and tow for lighting the way in dark streets.


Early 16th century: perhaps from medieval Latin li(n)chinus 'wick', from Greek lukhnos 'light'.

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