Definition of lucky in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈlʌki/

adjective (luckier, luckiest)

Having, bringing, or resulting from good luck: you had a very lucky escape three’s my lucky number
More example sentences
  • She felt so lucky to be the one able to have this son.
  • I don't know how I got so lucky to get a girlfriend like you.
  • But a lot of people here, you know, they feel pretty lucky just to get that.
fortunate, in luck, blessed, blessed with good luck, favoured, born under a lucky star, charmed;
successful, prosperous, happy;
advantaged, born with a silver spoon in one's mouth
British informal jammy
providential, fortunate, advantageous, timely, opportune, serendipitous, expedient, heaven-sent, auspicious, propitious, felicitous, convenient, apt;
informal fluky



get lucky

Experience good luck: if you’re flying into Toronto from the south you might get lucky and see Niagara Falls we got lucky with the weather
More example sentences
  • Often, it is pretty easy to spot the upcoming publishing industry trends, and you may just get lucky if your work tallies with the popular publications at the time.
  • I got lucky the very first morning I went looking for office space.
  • When people get lucky in business, they are often convinced that it is not luck at all that brought them good fortune.
1.1Have sex, especially in the context of a casual encounter: that girl playing pool definitely gave you the eye—you might get lucky tonight!
More example sentences
  • Hey, it's not my fault Mike's getting lucky tonight.
  • On another occasion, she claimed her boss publicly humiliated her by saying she might "get lucky" at a wedding and wake up next to someone.
  • I don't know ... maybe he's getting lucky with a cheerleader by Crystal Lake?

lucky devil (or lucky you, her, etc.)

Used to express envy at someone else’s good fortune: ‘I shan’t bother working tonight.’ ‘Lucky you.’
More example sentences
  • Several brave souls dressed up to celebrate the occasion, and lucky you, you get to meet four of them.
  • And hey, lucky you, they want to send it through your bank account and give you a commission.
  • Yes, lucky you, you who glide through the chaos of the world like the pope in his popemobile.

you (or he etc.) will be lucky (or should be so lucky)

Used to imply in an ironic or resigned way that someone’s wishes or expectations are unlikely to be fulfilled: ‘A shirt would be nice.’ ‘You’ll be lucky.’
More example sentences
  • I wasn't made for Kylie - she should be so lucky.
  • In view of the current weakness in corporation tax receipts - he should be so lucky.
  • How I envy your ability to get over things and move on. I should be so lucky.



Pronunciation: /ˈlʌkɪnəs/
Example sentences
  • If you consider yourself ‘Lucky’, then when good things happen to you you attribute it to your luckiness, but when bad things happen, you ignore them or find something else to blame.
  • The first question of this scale asks people to indicate their perceived luckiness, the second their perceived unluckiness.
  • When a player loses his luckiness bankroll is debited by the sum of the bets multiplied by his probability of losing.

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