Definition of most in English:

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Pronunciation: /məʊst/

determiner& pronoun

1Greatest in amount or degree: [as determiner]: they’ve had the most success [as pronoun]: she had the most to lose
More example sentences
  • I would be of the view that managers with an open mind are the ones that have most success.
  • Seven celebrities with the most votes are guaranteed a place in the Academy.
  • Economic liberalism appears to be the approach with most success in practice.
1.1The majority of; nearly all of: [as determiner]: the two-pin sockets found in most European countries [as pronoun]: I spent most of the winter on the coast
More example sentences
  • Tom attended most of the monthly fairs in Belmullet and most days had a few ponies for sale.
  • A good starting point would be the mother, who is the major influence for most children up to age three.
  • The bugs are only a few thousandths of a millimetre across and lack the cell walls which most bacteria have.


1Forming the superlative of adjectives and adverbs, especially those of more than one syllable: the most important event of my life he was the most ambitious of all
More example sentences
  • The event took place on the day of North Korea's most important national holiday.
  • The most important thing to remember with respect to this film is that it is not a documentary.
  • Fresh garlic contains several compounds, the most important of which is allicin.
2To the greatest extent: the things he most enjoyed what she wanted most of all
More example sentences
  • What his video game reminds me of most of all, though, is the very dawn of computing.
  • I look forward most of all to arranging my library and my writing space when I move out.
  • These are the things which I value most of all; blogging comes secondary to all of them.
3Extremely; very: it was most kind of you that is most probably correct
More example sentences
  • That is now no longer a fair representation of their view, and it most certainly is not of mine.
  • It most certainly was not a life-changing experience, but it did provide amusements.
  • History will most certainly exact a heavy price from them for being such imbeciles.
4North American informal Almost: most everyone understood
More example sentences
  • When this song came out, most everyone listened to it on the verge of laughter.
  • I imagine most everyone who has gone through schooling has experienced a fairly similar situation.
  • She does have a few fears, but they are unknown by most everyone because of her toughness.



at (the) most

Not more than: the walk took four minutes at the most
More example sentences
  • Work began on Friday night, but traffic was light yesterday with delays of only a few minutes at most.
  • It must have been only a few seconds, a minute at the most, but it felt like an eternity.
  • I returned to my office about half an hour later for one or two minutes at most to collect some more papers, and left again.

be the most

informal Be the best of all.
Example sentences
  • The six players named to the all-star team were the most of any school in the region.

for the most part

In most cases; usually: the older members, for the most part, shun him
More example sentences
  • In the garden the green spears of Spring bulbs, daffodils for the most part, are well through the soil.
  • Fruit trees - apples, pears and plums for the most part - are weighed down with a good year's crop.
  • He is a part of the broadcasting system and believes it has treated him fairly for the most part.
mostly, mainly, in the main, on the whole, largely, by and large, to a large extent, to a great degree, predominantly, chiefly, principally, basically, substantially, overall, in general, effectively, to all intents and purposes, especially, primarily, generally, usually, typically, commonly, as a rule, altogether, all in all, on balance, on average

make the most of

Use to the best advantage: he was eager to make the most of his visit
More example sentences
  • And her life experience to date seems that of a high-achiever making the most of the advantages afforded her.
  • We were lucky to be drawn at home, which is a big advantage, and we made the most of it.
  • They can help you make the most of your capital and advise on how to get more.
4.1Represent at its best: how to make the most of your features
More example sentences
  • Striking this seam of rock marked the beginning of a fundamental change in the way she gardened, and she decided to concentrate on making the most of what she had by planting with alpines.
  • Once you get the knack for making the most of what you've got, you will never go back to looking dilapidated again.


Old English māst, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch meest and German meist.

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