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Line breaks: mur¦der
Pronunciation: /ˈməːdə


  • 2 [mass noun] informal A very difficult or unpleasant task or experience: the 40-mile-per-hour winds at the summit were murder
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    hell, hell on earth, a nightmare, an ordeal, a trial, a frustrating/unpleasant/difficult experience, misery, torture, agony


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  • 2 informal Punish severely or be very angry with: my father will murder me if I’m home late
  • 2.1Conclusively defeat (an opponent) in a game or sport.
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    • You might decide to keep an extra righthanded bat to come off the bench and face him in the ninth because he murders lefties who pinch hit against him.
    • England are getting murdered at the moment… absolutely slaughtered.
    • We had an amazing year, we absolutely murdered everybody and won the league at a canter.
  • 2.2Spoil by lack of skill or knowledge: the only thing he had murdered was the English language
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    • But Portofino still lacked its very own song: one that could be murdered nightly in those dolce vita bars and restaurants.
    • They'd have been better off giving it to the cook not to murder the cuisines of countries that have already suffered so much.
    • The great outdoors murders a fine wine's bouquet and strong-tasting barbecue fare ruins the restrained, delicate flavours of expensive bottles.
  • 2.3chiefly British Consume (food or drink) greedily or with relish: I could murder some chips
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    • I mean you wouldn't say, God I'm famished, I could murder a fruit juice.
    • Sometimes I could murder a slab of chocolate but I don't.
    • I am a cakey kind of person - squishy and sweet and sort of sickly after too much - and I could murder a brownie right about now…


get away with (blue) murder

informal Succeed in doing whatever one chooses without being punished or suffering any disadvantage: some local authorities are letting estate agents get away with murder
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  • People got away with murder in this country, 2000 murders to be exact.
  • Developers up to now got away with murder and only provided the minimum facilities when they were developing new housing estates.
  • Like many other people, I believe the banks got away with murder in the past and abused the power they had over the day-today lives of ordinary, decent and hardworking people.

murder one (or two)

North American informal First-degree (or second-degree) murder.
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  • But the jury must come back - in order for it to get to that phase, the jury must come back with a guilty verdict on felony murder or murder one.
  • They took him to the hospital were they were arrested on site for murder one and armed robbery.
  • Second degree murder is an intentional, not quite murder one with malice and all that stuff, but it is an act that is deliberate.

murder will out

Murder cannot remain undetected.
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  • The portrait, the idea, Dostoyevsky wants us to take from this book is that even if you can rationalize your own fears away about committing a horrible act like this, even if you can be swayed by every possible slick sophistry, murder will out.

scream (or yell) blue (or North American bloody) murder

informal Make an extravagant and noisy protest: if it gets into the papers, she’ll be down here screaming blue murder
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  • Her butt was wedged up behind the refrigerator and she was screaming bloody murder.
  • If you are the defense, you're certainly going to be screaming bloody murder if you ever find out about it.
  • The first few times it happened, I screamed blue murder for the nurse, who came and simply opened the clamp, increasing the flow and flushing the blood back into the vein in a wonderfully cold ripply gush.


Old English morthor, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch moord and German Mord, from an Indo-European root shared by Sanskrit mará 'death' and Latin mors; reinforced in Middle English by Old French murdre.

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