Definition of one-world in English:

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Relating to or holding the view that the world’s inhabitants are interdependent and should behave accordingly.
Example sentences
  • Now farmers are adapting to a one-world view, which deplores subsidies in one country that disadvantage another, which treats the environment as paramount and which encourages a return to locally-produced quality food.
  • Expect more of these one-world combines to come online as corporations eagerly break their ties to any particular nation, trying to gain a global presence that's too big and too far flung for ‘we the people’ to have any control over.
  • Dr. LaHaye also notes, ‘The Bible clearly teaches there's going to be a one-world government in the last days.’



Example sentences
  • Capitalism is being used as a scapegoat to further enhance the power of government by leftist ideologues and political one-worlders.
  • Americans do like to pigeonhole: You're either for us or against us, an evil-doer or a do-gooder, a true American or a one-worlder.
  • Paul is no one-worlder on immigration reform


Example sentences
  • But just as there are many species of idealism - from mindless one-worldism to the administration's gloss on muscular, imperial Wilsonianism - so there are many variants of realism.
  • Their works are interspersed with centuries-old figures of Buddha, a mask from Bali, a U.S. Navy diving helmet and other curios in an arty arrangement whose glib one-worldism indeed recalls the platitudes of the 1950s.
  • Rightly or not, some parents and religious leaders held that these smacked of socialism and one-worldism, if not Marxism, and that the state had no business imposing such things on its young people.
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