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Pronunciation: /ˈpaseɪ


1No longer fashionable; out of date: minis are passé—the best skirts are knee-length
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  • There need be nothing passé or dated about its use, provided its mathematical variability is honored.
  • The fashions may seem passé and the faces a little square.
  • He's had periods of being very fashionable, and periods of being very passé.
out of date, outdated, out, dated, unfashionable, out of fashion, old-fashioned, outmoded, out of style, behind the times, outworn, archaic, obsolescent, obsolete, ancient, antiquated, superannuated, defunct, dead, old-fogeyish, old-fangled, quaint, anachronistic, olde worlde, medieval;
North American horse-and-buggy
informal old hat, square, not with it, out of the ark, creaky, mouldy, square-toed
North American informal clunky, rinky-dink, mossy
1.1 archaic (Especially of a woman) past one’s prime.
More example sentences
  • The queens are passé now but they still do the heavy breathing and it's good man against bad man.
  • At the very least, someone should tell Serena that she's passé; however much she favors her faux-biker style, the preppy look is back.
  • I think I'm passé,’ says her modest, supportive, generationally-different husband Michael Douglas.


French, literally 'gone by', past participle of passer.

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