There are 2 main definitions of process in English:

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process 1

Pronunciation: /ˈprəʊsɛs/


1A series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end: military operations could jeopardize the peace process
More example sentences
  • We the Palestinians believe in peace, the intifada has been an effort to achieve a peace process.
  • He breaks every step of the process into a series of questions.
  • Gap analysis of all the business processes is the first step in any e-business project.
procedure, operation, action, activity, exercise, affair, business, job, task, undertaking, proceeding
1.1A natural series of changes: the ageing process
More example sentences
  • Byatt's heroines are victims of a culture whose value-systems are prejudiced against nature and natural processes of ageing.
  • Paul knew that Uncle Edward was a biochemist, and a specialist in natural processes, such as photosynthesis and cellular respiration.
  • Food also provides the building blocks for the body's natural repair and maintenance processes.
1.2A systematic series of mechanized or chemical operations that are performed in order to produce something: the manufacturing process is relatively simple
More example sentences
  • Green chemistry uses cutting-edge technology to minimize the environmental impact of chemical processes, manufacturing and waste.
  • We have the systems, processes, practices and skilled staff needed to operate within this environment.
  • These people performed only very simple processes of production.
1.3 Computing An instance of a program being executed in a multitasking operating system, typically running in an environment that protects it from other processes.
Example sentences
  • The updater applications should launch automatically once the download completes to begin the firmware update process.
  • For our example, we start the two required processes on the same system.
  • Unfortunately we locked up midway through the boot process.
1.4 [as modifier] Printing Relating to or denoting printing using ink in three colours (cyan, magenta, and yellow) and black to produce a complete range of colour: process inks
More example sentences
  • The holder sports a gray and silver cover with four-color process printing for the back and insides.
  • The deal gives them the exclusive rights to sell the MetalFX silver base and special process inks around the world
  • He invented the process of four-colour process printing onto flexible plastics.
2 Law A summons or writ requiring a person to appear in court.
Example sentences
  • The plaintiff must issue his process and must serve it on the defendant.
  • In some jurisdictions, the writ has to be served or the process has to be served before the action is brought.
  • He successfully dodged Earthlink's process servers for several months until they caught up with him in February 2003.
3 Biology & Anatomy A natural appendage or outgrowth on or in an organism, such as a protuberance on a bone.
Example sentences
  • Triangular processes occurred in both bones of pairs 58 times from a total of 334 paired scapulae.
  • These anomalies are often extra appendages or processes, and are probably most often produced by injury when the exoskeleton is soft.
  • These processes of the maxilla sometimes project backward in the median plane, separating the horizontal plates from each other.


[with object]
1Perform a series of mechanical or chemical operations on (something) in order to change or preserve it: the salmon is quickly processed after harvest to preserve the flavour
More example sentences
  • That would mean the nightmare of bad smells suffered by residents during the operation of the wool processing plant could be repeated.
  • He had worked for a chemicals processing company, and was also involved in sports.
  • These included chemicals, various processed articles, machines and equipment.
1.1Deal with (someone or something) using an official procedure: the immigration authorities who processed him
More example sentences
  • Jai Ram Bhai is just one migration lawyer in Suva who says he's processed about 5,000 emigration applications since May last year.
  • It was impossible for Council officials to process that amount of work in one month.
  • The driver of the jeep was arrested and brought to Navan Station where he was processed under drink-driving legislation and breathalysed.
1.2 Computing Operate on (data) by means of a program.
Example sentences
  • Images may be processed or stored locally, or transmitted at a lesser rate.
  • The generated data may be processed through the same software used to process the real data.
  • Once the data have been processed through our programs to manipulate the data and to define trip ends, two steps remain.



be in the process of doing something

Be continuing with an action already started: I was in the process of buying a house
More example sentences
  • It is easy to see why she has already been the pick of several top directors and is in the process of putting together an impressive range of work.
  • This has already happened in the Sudan and is in the process of happening in Algeria.
  • Other respondents were in the process of strategically realigning their salary structure.

in the process

As an unintended part of a course of action: she would make him pay for this, even if she killed herself in the process
More example sentences
  • Of course, in the process of wanting others, we may well be found wanting by them.
  • She has assured me that she will get me in the best shape of my life or kill me in the process.
  • I think everyone was very relieved to find that he didn't kill anyone in the process.

in process of time

As time goes on: daughters and sons may find themselves, in process of time, caring for their elderly parents
More example sentences
  • When he began his studies, he was a thoroughgoing Arminian, but in process of time, God used his doctoral studies for his conversion.
  • Interested they were, however: they understood what was said to them, and in process of time came to understand all the characteristic doctrines of Evangelicalism.
  • And in process of time it came to pass, that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto The Lord.
course, advance, progress, progression, unfolding, evolution



Example sentences
  • The Semantic Web is really data that is processable by machine,’ says Berners-Lee, who is director of the MIT-based World Wide Web Consortium.’
  • Typically, liquid processable organic semiconductors will oxidise rapidly, Xerox says, which makes it difficult to build such transistors in air.
  • From the 1970s, the scientific focus shifted away from cellulose to the more processable biopolymer, starch.


Middle English: from Old French proces, from Latin processus 'progression, course', from the verb procedere (see proceed). Current senses of the verb date from the late 19th century.

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There are 2 main definitions of process in English:

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process 2

Pronunciation: /prəˈsɛs/


[no object, with adverbial of direction]
Walk or march in procession: they processed down the aisle
More example sentences
  • Upon entering the sanctuary, they processed down the aisle towards the altar, which was dimly lit with candles.
  • The men trudged into the bar like polar explorers, and processed soggily towards the fire he'd just lit at the far end of the lounge.
  • The priests process round the church, swinging clouds of incense.


Early 19th century: back-formation from procession.

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