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Pronunciation: /praʊd


  • 3 [predic.] British Slightly projecting from a surface: balls standing proud of the fabric
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    • Remarkably, the horn had been thinned down in antiquity, leaving only a curious ‘keel’ raised proud on the underside.
    • Outliners are fairly firm and leave a proud surface, while the paints can be spread within their area either with the nozzle or with a brush.
    • Next, fill the hole and crater completely with drywall compound, plus an additional thin skiff of compound that sits slightly proud of the surface.
    projecting, sticking out/up, jutting, jutting out, protruding, prominent, raised, convex, elevated
  • 3.1Denoting flesh that has grown round a healing wound with excessive granulation of the tissues.
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    • Exuberant granulation tissue, or proud flesh as it is more commonly known, is part of the normal wound healing response in the horse.
    • All wounds that are not sutured heal with granulation tissue. So granulation tissue is good until it gets out of control and grows out of the wound past the skin edge. Then it becomes proud flesh and it prevents healing of the skin over the wound.


do someone proud

Act in a way that gives someone cause to feel pleased or satisfied: they did themselves proud in a game which sent the fans home happy
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  • They are a young team and they came to Croke Park and did everyone proud, they certainly did me proud.
  • He did his people proud and he did New Zealand proud.
  • I hope I continue to do you proud and I look forward to seeing you again.’
Treat someone very well, typically by lavishly feeding or entertaining them.
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  • Our young actresses did us proud with a most entertaining production based on a wake.
  • Our chefs did us proud by clearly drawing out the peerless differences in the flavour of Pakistani cuisine.



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  • Let's wave our flags and proudly wear our shirts and be proud to be Waterloo Warriors.
  • Is there a pub without a photograph of a Kerry team, or a jersey, hanging proudly on the wall?
  • She proudly displays a silver salver from the Council's gardening competition last year.


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  • ‘Yes, she is extremely quick on her feet', he said with much proudness in his voice.
  • When he paused the girl seemed overcome with determination, a certain proudness, and royalty about her.
  • He looked like a new rose, such proudness and such a gentle looking creature but covered with thorns of pain and danger.


late Old English prūt, prūd 'having a high opinion of one's own worth', from Old French prud 'valiant', based on Latin prodesse 'be of value'. The phrase proud flesh dates back to late Middle English, but the sense 'slightly projecting' is first recorded in English dialect of the 19th century.

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