Definition of rampant in English:


Line breaks: ram|pant
Pronunciation: /ˈramp(ə)nt


1(Especially of something unwelcome) flourishing or spreading unchecked: political violence was rampant rampant inflation
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  • Online rumors and misinformation are rampant and can spread like wildfire.
  • One of the more insidious invasions of our privacy rights is the rampant spread of drug tests in the American workplace.
  • This job, more than any other, has really opened my eyes to just how rampant and unchecked mental illness is these days.
uncontrolled, unrestrained, unchecked, unbridled, widespread, pandemic, epidemic, pervasive;
out of control, out of hand, rife, spreading like wildfire
1.1Unrestrained in action or performance: rampant sex
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  • So it seems they are logging on to my website expecting photos of rampant sex in a car park and finding photos of wild flowers instead.
  • See, normally these Emanuelle flicks are little more than goofy showcases for rampant nudity and sex, but that isn't the case here.
  • Are some men having rampant, unprotected sex because they're high?
vehement, strong, violent, forceful, raging, wild, intense, fanatical, passionate
1.2(Of a plant) lush in growth; luxuriant: a rich soil soon becomes home to rampant weeds
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  • The weeds and rampant vegetation seem to be dying off, as if the owner has run amok with a weedkiller can a few years too late.
  • Cracked masonry, incessant graffiti and rampant weeds completed an image of decrepitude.
  • The rampant vines produce numerous pods that turn purple as they mature.
luxuriant, exuberant, lush, rank, rich, riotous, profuse, lavish, vigorous, productive
informal jungly
2 [usually postpositive] Heraldry (Of an animal) represented standing on one hind foot with its forefeet in the air (typically in profile, facing the dexter side, with right hind foot and tail raised): two gold lions rampant
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  • The massively arched door, in the style of a portcullis, is defended on either side by rampant lions, petrified in mid-snarl.
  • Groups of winged sphinxes and griffins trampling fallen goats alternate with rampant goats and seated griffins.
  • Now the dome was restored to its original purple, and the gold rampant horse reared above it.


Middle English (as a heraldic term): from Old French, literally 'crawling', present participle of ramper (see ramp). From the original use describing a wild animal arose the sense 'fierce', whence the current notion of 'unrestrained'.



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  • But the sheer rampancy of what was supposed to be going on in the King's Royal Hussars was not something most of us have experienced.
  • The sheer rampancy with which this practice is being followed has posed the BCC with a huge problem even as large hoardings are contemplated for removal on grounds of distracting motorists.
  • It might not actually be rampant, as rampancy is a bit too energetic.


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  • The pirated VCDs are sold rampantly.
  • That being said, she concedes that there will be a more rampantly Celtic vibe to their Starlite show, in honour of St. Patrick's Day.
  • Unfortunately for me, I developed early and, in the course of doing so, sprouted rampantly growing patches of thick, dark fur all over my body.

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