Definition of rascal in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈrɑːsk(ə)l/


A mischievous or cheeky person, especially a child or man (typically used in an affectionate way): a lovable rascal you are such a rascal!
More example sentences
  • As a result, liars are passed off as scoundrels or rascals, or even lovable rogues.
  • Miles and Jack, on the other hand, are too easy to figure out, lovable cartoons, rascals who are losers by rote.
  • She says that by her own admissions, some of the applications are by rogues, and rascals and persons of dubious credibility.
scallywag, scamp, devil, imp, monkey, mischievous person, mischief-maker, wretch
informal horror, monster
British informal perisher
Irish informal spalpeen
Northern English informal tyke, scally
North American informal varmint, hellion
dated rip
archaic rapscallion, scapegrace
scoundrel, rogue, ne'er-do-well, good-for-nothing, reprobate
informal villain, rat
British informal scrote
informal, dated rotter, bounder
dated cad
archaic miscreant, blackguard, knave, vagabond, varlet, wastrel



Pronunciation: /rɑːˈskalɪti/
noun (plural rascalities)
Example sentences
  • Congressional rascality on such a scale requires a comparable arrogance of power.
  • What was the relationship between rascality and murder?
  • Evidence from the postbellum period, furthermore, makes it clear that the river would continue to be a place that bred rascality.


Pronunciation: /ˈrɑːsk(ə)li/
Example sentences
  • As a result, he is ideally equipped to capture the essence of Rome: the loud traffic, fragrant markets, vigorous food and rascally bureaucratic corruption.
  • But those rascally creatures are smart and agile.
  • One night a rascally friend and I went into their offices late at night, took the entire library, carried it down to an all-night copying store and copied every one of them.


Middle English (in the senses 'a mob' and 'member of the rabble'): from Old French rascaille 'rabble', of uncertain origin.

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