Definition of remove in English:

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Pronunciation: /rɪˈmuːv/


[with object]
1Take (something) away or off from the position occupied: Customs officials removed documents from the premises she sat down to remove her make-up
More example sentences
  • You should be able to operate the chair with one hand, removing the tray and positioning your child inside.
  • Alain was in a position to easily remove Howarth's pistol from its holster, unnoticed.
  • Team members support both of the patient's legs as positioning devices are removed.
detach, unfasten, separate;
pull out, take out, disconnect
take off, undo, unfasten
take out, produce, bring out, get out, draw out, withdraw, extract, pull out, fish out
take away, carry away, move, shift, convey, transport;
confiscate, take possession of
informal cart off
clean off, wash off, wipe off, rinse off, scrub off, sponge out
delete, erase, rub out, cross out, strike out, ink out, score out, block out, blue-pencil, cut out, eliminate, efface, obliterate
uproot, take out, pull out, eradicate, destroy
cut off, chop off, lop off, hack off, amputate, excise
1.1Take off (clothing): he sat down and quickly removed his shoes and socks
More example sentences
  • He quickly went inside, removed his shirt and shoes, and looked at the two.
  • He quickly removed her dress, shoes, and underclothes.
  • Filling my palms with the cool water, I washed my face, then quickly removed my clothing.
take off, pull off, peel off, shrug off, discard, divest oneself of, shed, fling off, fling aside, climb out of, slip out of;
undo, unfasten, unbutton, unzip
dated doff
1.2 [no object] (remove to) dated Change one’s home or place of residence by moving to (another place): he removed to Wales and began afresh
More example sentences
  • The following year Gainsborough and his family removed to London, taking residence in Schomberg House, Pall Mall.
  • The civil service post was resigned and the family removed to the Isle of Man to avoid the punitive tax system of the time.
  • In 1969 he founded The Honest Ulsterman, and in 1990 established the Poets' House at Islandmagee with his third wife, later removing to Falcarragh in the Donegal Gaeltacht.
1.3South African historical Compel (someone) by law to move to another area: a man is removed to the tribal district of his forbears
More example sentences
  • We were removed from our traditional lands, forced onto reservations on infertile land so barren we couldn't grow crops or raise livestock.
  • A former NWFP governor, Lt-Gen I.H. Shah ordered a thriving pheasantry to be removed from Dhodial in District Manshera.
  • Let there not be a repeat of what has happened in nearby Zimbabwe where thousands of squatters have been forcibly removed from illegal settlements.
2Abolish or get rid of: exchange controls have finally been removed they removed thousands of needy youngsters from the benefit system
More example sentences
  • It is this filtration that removes some of the harsher flavour in the whiskey and the end product is a smoother and mellower taste.
  • The million organisms of live rock and sand break down the wastes into nitrate, which can then be removed through mechanical filtration.
  • Excess chlorine can be removed by activated carbon filtration.
withdraw, abolish, eliminate, get rid of, do away with, take away, stop, put an end to, cut
informal axe
2.1Dismiss from a job: he was removed from his position as teacher
More example sentences
  • He writes his employer to say that he wants someone removed from his hiring committee.
  • In September 1968 he was removed from all his posts and expelled from the Communist Party.
  • Another joint sitting is then convened and if the motion for the removal of the president is supported by not less than two thirds of the combined membership he is removed from office.
dismiss, discharge, get rid of, dislodge, displace, throw out, evict, eject, expel, oust, purge, unseat, depose, topple, supplant;
informal sack, fire, kick out, boot out, defenestrate, give someone the boot, give someone their marching orders, show someone the door
British informal turf out
dated out
3 (be removed) Be distant from: it is an isolated place, far removed from the London art world
More example sentences
  • But this is a different issue, removed from the philosophical questions you are asking.
  • There still exists a very strong conception of islands as places that are different, removed from ‘modern civilisation’.
  • Once again, it could have sprung from a different era, far removed from the niche that he helped to create.
3.1Be very different from: an explanation which is far removed from the truth
More example sentences
  • Thursday's elections have proved how far removed from reality the perceptions of the Blair leadership really are.
  • The life of a Romanian street child could not be more removed from that of a teenager growing up in Whitworth.
  • She was famous for portraying naïvety and innocence on stage, qualities far removed from her real-life personality.
distant, remote, disconnected, different;
unrelated to, unconnected to, foreign to, alien to
4 (as adjective removed) Separated by a particular number of steps of descent: his second cousin once removed


1A degree of remoteness or separation: at this remove, the whole incident seems insane
More example sentences
  • It is interesting that she has attributed the lines to Euripides even though she has presumably obtained them from a source at several removes from the original.
  • Thus, these operas, while clearly relating to Shakespeare's works on one level, are often at many different removes from their sources.
  • Thus Diogenes' material often comes to us at several removes from the original.
distance, space of time, interval
2 (also Remove) chiefly historical A form or division in some British schools: a member of the Fifth Remove



Pronunciation: /rɪˈmuːvə/
Example sentences
  • Nail varnish removers that are not acetone-based are available but many people prefer the acetone because it acts quicker.
  • Her list should include nail files, cotton balls, polish remover, cuticle pushers and nippers, and hand cream for everyone.
  • Clean up any smears with a cotton swab and a little eye-makeup remover.


Middle English (as a verb): from the Old French stem remov-, from Latin removere, from re- 'back' + movere 'to move'.

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