Definition of renunciation in English:

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Pronunciation: /rɪnʌnsɪˈeɪʃ(ə)n/


[mass noun]
1The formal rejection of something, typically a belief, claim, or course of action: the life of the Spirit required renunciation of marriage [count noun]: a renunciation of violence
More example sentences
  • It concluded that, despite formal renunciation in the early 1960s of the old, abused doctrine of separate but equal, at a practical level separate and unequal remained the overall condition of black Americans.
  • In 1988, in response to Jordan's final renunciation of its claims to the West Bank, the PLO declared it the independent state of Palestine, and later that year finally recognized the state of Israel.
  • Even today, Heloise has the ability to shock in her unrepentant rejection of social mores, renunciation of morality, and belief in the primacy of sexual and spiritual love and its integration with her religion.
abstention from, refraining from, going without, doing without, giving up of, eschewal of, rejection of
repudiation, rejection, abandonment, forsaking, forswearing, disavowal, denial
rare abjuration
1.1 Law Express or tacit abandonment of a right or position, usually without assignment to another person.
Example sentences
  • They take the position that it constituted an unconditional disclaimer, or renunciation, on his part of any interest in the Trust.
  • The Judge assumed that he had an absolute right to those shares and that the absence of a Deed of Disclaimer showed that there had been no renunciation.
  • The argument for allowing a defence of voluntary renunciation becomes stronger as the conduct element in the inchoate offences is taken further back from the occurrence of the harm.
relinquishment, giving up, abandonment, resignation, abdication, surrender, signing away, waiving, forgoing;
Law  disclaimer
rare abnegation, demission



Pronunciation: /rɪˈnʌnsɪənt/
noun& adjective
Example sentences
  • They became known as ‘renunciants’ and were interned at Tule Lake Segregation Center in northeastern California.
  • I was totally fascinated by those monks: by their robes and shaven heads, and by what I heard of their renunciant lifestyle, with its 227 rules of training.
  • Moreover it is a compassion directed to a specific end, the imparting of the Buddha's version of the renunciant life.


Pronunciation: /rɪˈnʌnsɪətɪv/
Example sentences
  • A renunciative artifice where opacity and resistance in seemingly steady lines draw the reader into performing meaning as a struggle against whatever normativities she's internalised.
  • Where those earlier works limned violence, the works since 2001 are notable for their renunciative, Spartan rigor.
  • But Buddha was of the renunciative path so that may have contributed to his split from Hinduism.


Pronunciation: /rɪˈnʌnʃət(ə)ri/
Example sentences
  • Wagner's ideas were here much imbued with his philosophical reading, in particular with the renunciatory philosophy of Schopenhauer.
  • He was believed to be keen, on his own, on the renunciatory gesture.
  • And a man who, again like his protagonists, had measured the distance between goodness and happiness and chosen the renunciatory satisfaction of living up to the best imaginable version of himself.


Late Middle English: from late Latin renuntiatio(n-), from Latin renuntiare 'protest against' (see renounce).

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