Definition of resin in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈrɛzɪn/


1 [mass noun] A sticky flammable organic substance, insoluble in water, exuded by some trees and other plants (notably fir and pine): clear resin had oozed to the surface, trickled down, and set Compare with gum1 (sense 1 of the noun).
More example sentences
  • Rich red and green glaze paints, more usually the former, in both early Netherlandish and German School paintings were often found to contain a little resin, usually pine tree resin, in addition to heat-bodied oil.
  • Their first step was to obtain resin from the pine trees which at that time grew in dense forests throughout Europe.
  • The sticky extrusive mass that comes from a cut on a pine tree is resin.
2 (also synthetic resin) A solid or liquid synthetic organic polymer used as the basis of plastics, adhesives, varnishes, or other products: epoxy resins frequently cause dermatitis [mass noun]: the chassis is constructed of synthetic resin
More example sentences
  • Polyurethanes are liquid plastic resins that dry to a durable satin or gloss finish.
  • They consist of two components, a liquid resin and the hardener to convert the liquid resins to solid.
  • Polymer binder resins protect the paper from humidity damage and help to fine-tune the stiffness and acoustic properties of the paper.

verb (resins, resining, resined)

[with object] (usually as adjective resined)
Rub or treat with resin: resined canvas
More example sentences
  • It consists of a maple table covered with more than a dozen wire-framed globes of cream-colored resined paper, each different from the next.
  • There will be some shiny drippy marks that look almost like varnish on the rough edges of the slab if the stone is resined.
  • Some experts say that resined stones do not need to be sealed since the resin acts as a sealer.



Pronunciation: /ˈrɛzɪnɔɪd/
adjective& noun
Example sentences
  • Unfortunately, the drug companies of the day used the same idea to produce ‘resinoids ‘from the entire materia medica only to belatedly discover these products were totally inert.’
  • Fixed-abrasive wire sawing using resinoid diamond wire tools has been developed for overcoming these problems.
  • The resinoids are not so easily obtained, nor are they so abundant as the resins.


Pronunciation: /ˈrɛzɪnəs/
Example sentences
  • The condensation reaction between phenol and formaldehyde, resulting in resinous products, had been known since 1870.
  • Archeological evidence suggests that ancient Egyptians used resinous adhesives at least 6,000 years ago.
  • The resinous juices from the seed casing of the opium poppy are the source of naturally occurring narcotics.


Late Middle English: from Latin resina; related to Greek rhētinē 'pine resin'. Compare with rosin.

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