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Line breaks: rind
Pronunciation: /rʌɪnd


[mass noun]
  • 1The tough outer skin of certain fruit, especially citrus fruit: decorate with fine shreds of orange rind [count noun]: olive oil infused with lemon rinds
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    • This deliciously deep fried pastry has dates, orange and lemon extract, anisette, chopped nuts, orange rind, and lemon rind.
    • Think of perfectly ripened pineapple chunks, minus the labor of carving away the tough rind.
    • Traditional additions to such a risotto would include finely grated lemon rind, and freshly picked peas with lots of black pepper.
    skin, peel, covering, zest; hull, pod, shell, husk, crust, shuck, capsule, outer layer, bark; hide
    technical epicarp, pericarp, exocarp
    rare integument
  • 1.1The hard outer edge of cheese or bacon: curls of bacon rind were left on his plate [count noun]: Pecorino Romano has a white, waxy rind
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    • Remove the rinds from the bacon and chop it finely.
    • Among the other varieties with natural rinds are semi-hard cheeses like British farmhouse Cheddar, Cheshire and Gloucester.
    • The yucca root is often served with pork rind and greens and sold at roadside stands.
  • 1.2The bark of a tree or plant: with the liberal use of birch rind and creosote splits we soon had fires going
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    • It grows in coppices or clumps near or on the banks of rivers and creeks: many stems usually arise from a root,… and are covered with several barks or rinds the last of which being of a cinereous dirt color and very thin.
    • Cinnamon is actually the dried tree bark from young branches, separated from the cork and outer rind.
  • 1.3The hard outer layer of a rhizomorph or other part of a fungus.
  • 1.4The skin or blubber of a whale: Jeffries was flensing the rind free
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    • In the meat market you can buy mattaq - whale rind from a humpback whale.


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  • Strip the bark from (a tree): when the meat ran out they had to rind trees and chew the inner bark for nourishment
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    • I used to watch them felling trees, and sometimes I would be allowed to rind the tree trunks.



[in combination]: yellow-rinded lemons


More example sentences
  • And his succulent sausages and lip-smacking rindless unsmoked back bacon have stimulated taste buds in Cuba, where British meat products are banned.
  • His sausages and rindless, unsmoked back bacon have proved a sizzling success in Cuba, where British meat products are banned.
  • Egmont is a semi-hard rindless cheese, designed to fit a balance between Gouda and Cheddar.


Old English rind(e) 'bark of a tree'; related to Dutch run and German Rinde, of unknown origin.

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