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roast Line breaks: roast
Pronunciation: /rəʊst/

Definition of roast in English:


[with object]
1Cook (food, especially meat) by prolonged exposure to heat in an oven or over a fire: she was going to roast a leg of mutton for Sunday dinner (as adjective roasted) roasted chestnuts
More example sentences
  • The pages for January show children sledding with homemade wooden sleds, roasting apples over an open fire and pulling taffy.
  • Menu trends often highlight roasted garlic, and the fiery food trend that has swept the nation has caused hot peppers to become well known to many consumers.
  • You can boil it or roast it over the fire, as you like.
1.1 [no object] (Of food) be cooked by roasting: she checked the meat roasting in the oven for lunch
More example sentences
  • After the lamb has been roasting for an hour, open the oven and add potatoes and white onions.
  • We were avoided by all the staff we saw and astonished at the lavish spread laid out for brunch, including an enormous cow on a spit, roasting in preparation for the evening's event.
  • Oval, with smooth, white-to-buff skin and white flesh, these are ideal for roasting, steaming, or boiling.
1.2Process (a foodstuff, metal ore, etc.) by subjecting it to intense heat: decaffeinated coffee beans are roasted and ground
More example sentences
  • In celebration of having company, we roasted coffee beans over an open fire in the afternoon.
  • Havana roasts some good beans, and the baristas know what to do with them.
  • I've had a call with a client saying, ‘We want to know that roasting cocoa beans will kill salmonella.’
1.3Make or become very warm, especially through exposure to the heat of the sun or a fire: [with object]: the fire was hot enough to roast anyone who stood close to it [no object]: Jessica could feel her face begin to roast
More example sentences
  • As we witness the people of Xenon, their houses destroyed by the battle and nearly roasted by a volcano, we are supposed to feel pity for these gamers and the loss of the computer system that caused the destruction.
  • On Monday I got roasted in the sun in Taunton.
2 informal Criticize or reprimand severely: if you waste his time he’ll roast you
More example sentences
  • Some of the edgier, underground-variety indie films released by Phaedra were roasted by the critics.
  • This is a movie whose brain belongs in its pants, and which deserves to be roasted for the turkey it truly is.
  • He is roasted as often as he is sainted, as when these actors discuss their estrangement from him.
3North American informal Tease in a good-natured way.
Example sentences
  • There's nothing better than seeing a celebrity get roasted, especially by a master such as Groucho.


[attributive] Back to top  
(Of food) having been roasted: a plate of cold roast beef
More example sentences
  • In 1990s England, where chicken tikka masala has outstripped roast beef and Yorkshire pudding in popularity, Hogwarts exists in its own time warp.
  • The guardians must not get drunk and must have a simple diet, consisting of roast meat, and no sweets.
  • As a young chef arrives bearing dainty bowls of roast pumpkin soup, Gordon explains how the dish was prepared to concentrate the flavour.


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1A joint of meat that has been roasted or that is intended for roasting: carving the Sunday roast
More example sentences
  • Featured under this brand are steaks, roasts, ground meat, patties and prepared chili.
  • For best quality, cook ground bison within two days of purchase, and steaks and roasts within three to five days.
  • He loaded me up with six dozen huge brown eggs, a jar of homemade pear jam, and three packages of steaks and roasts - all in exchange for driving him.
1.1 [mass noun] The process of roasting something, especially coffee, or the result of this: the roast is stopped when the colour is moderately dark brown [in singular]: round beans give a more even roast than the usual split beans
More example sentences
  • The characteristic flavor of the coffee is dependent on its origin and the degree of roast.
  • A nice dark roast, I could tell the beans were fresh as soon as I opened the package.
1.2 [with adjective] A particular type of roasted coffee: continental roasts
More example sentences
  • As a matter of fact, on Good Morning America recently, Eight O'Clock Coffee beat some of the more expensive roasts out there.
  • On the roasted side, a medium roast will have a mellow or mild flavor impact, while a dark roast will be rich and heavier.
  • There were no cappuccinos, no macchiatos, not even a simple cup of French roast.
1.3An outdoor party at which meat is roasted: Harold put on a terrific pig roast
More example sentences
  • We can have big weenie roasts as the music plays and artists paint.
  • The tour will be followed at 5 p.m. by a hog roast with baked beans and dessert.
  • Let's say an enemy has invited all your gang to a weenie roast, and you want to sabotage the picnic.


Middle English: from Old French rostir, of West Germanic origin.

  • The word roast is from Old French rostir, of West Germanic origin. Roast originally meant to cook before a fire while bake meant ‘cook in an oven’; but now that we rarely use an open fire the distinction between roast and bake refers to the type of food. The colloquial sense ‘ridicule, criticize’ dates from the early 18th century. A roster (early 18th century) was originally a list of duties and leave for military personnel. It comes from Dutch rooster ‘list’, earlier ‘gridiron’, from roosten ‘to roast’, with reference to its parallel lines.

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