Definition of round in English:

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Pronunciation: /raʊnd/


1Shaped like a circle or cylinder: she was seated at a small, round table
More example sentences
  • I read each label on the round cylinders and the vials within.
  • Without really thinking about it, she drew a huge, round circle on the page.
  • The circle, on a hilltop setting, is nearly perfectly round, with a diameter of 33 m.
circular, disc-shaped, disc-like;
ring-shaped, hoop-shaped, hoop-like, annular;
spherical, globular, ball-shaped, globe-shaped, orb-shaped, orb-like, cylindrical, bulbous, bulb-shaped, balloon-like;
convex, curved, curvilinear, rounded, rotund
technical cycloidal, discoid, discoidal, spheroid, spheroidal
rare globate, globose, orbicular, orbiculate
1.1Having a curved shape like part of the circumference of a circle: round brackets
More example sentences
  • Her hair was combed neatly, and her nails were nicely trimmed to make perfect round shapes.
  • Byzantine architecture is distinguished by its use of the round arch, cross, circle, dome, and rich mosaic ornament.
  • This has a vaulted ceiling supported on round arches.
1.2(Of a person’s shoulders) bent forward from the line of the back.
Example sentences
  • The innkeeper raised appealing eyes to heaven, spread out his long fingers, and heaved his round shoulders.
  • His personal trademark are the signs of an existential fatigue: drooping shoulders, round backs, knees that are bent inward, lowered heads.
  • There is little or no excuse for round shoulders in healthy people.
2Shaped like a sphere: a round glass ball the grapes are small and round
More example sentences
  • He reached into his pocket and brought forth a small round sphere.
  • Baseball is more than round balls and base runs; it can also involve branding, design, and typography.
  • Then suddenly, he pulled the pinchers out, and in their serrated grasp was a perfectly round lead musket ball.
2.1(Of a person’s body) plump: he could move quickly despite his round physique
More example sentences
  • His round body was only slightly taller than her own.
  • Jasmine kissed him on his bruised lips and pressed as much of her round body against him as she could.
  • Lennie is a big man with great strength; his body and features are round and undefined.
plump, chubby, fat, stout, rotund, roly-poly, fattish, portly, dumpy, chunky, broad in the beam, overweight, heavy, pot-bellied, beer-bellied, paunchy, Falstaffian;
buxom, well upholstered, well covered, well padded, of ample proportions, ample, rounded, well rounded, full;
flabby, fleshy, bulky, corpulent, obese
informal tubby, pudgy, beefy, porky, blubbery, poddy
British informal podgy, fubsy
North American informal zaftig, corn-fed, lard-assed
archaic pursy
rare abdominous
2.2Having a curved surface with no sharp projections: the boulders look round and smooth
More example sentences
  • I felt my hand being pressed against a smooth, round mound.
  • A large, round, smooth rock protruded suddenly a few feet past a break in the forest.
  • Why are rocks found near rivers mostly smooth and round?
3(Of a voice) rich and mellow; not harsh: his rich, round voice went down well with the listeners
More example sentences
  • ‘I always like champagne in the afternoon,’ he informed me in his rich round voice.
  • He speaks this language like every other American, with a deep round voice that seems to come from somewhere below his knees.
  • She spoke without any apparent accent, in a round voice filled with soft vowels and smooth consonants.
sonorous, resonant, rich, full, full-toned, full-bodied, mellow, mellifluous, rounded, reverberant, orotund
rare pear-shaped, canorous
4 [attributive] (Of a number) expressed in convenient units rather than exactly, for example to the nearest whole number or multiple of ten: the size of the fleet is given in round numbers
More example sentences
  • We could easily have taken more - but I wanted a nice, round number.
  • Can you put a round figure on the kind of government investment you're going to need to get this up and running?
  • However, for the purposes of argument, let's stick with a million as a nice round figure.
4.1Used to show that a figure has been completely and exactly reached: the batsman made a round 100 a round dozen
More example sentences
  • The network of offices reached a round dozen this year.
  • His output under his own name reached a round 200 novels.
  • Strauss, who made a round 50 on Tuesday, was the only England batsman to pass 45 runs in the match.
complete, entire, whole, full, undivided, unbroken
4.2 archaic (Of a sum of money) considerable: his business is worth a round sum to me
More example sentences
  • As to the money raised by local subscription, no definite apportionment has yet been made but we understand that Woodhouse will receive a good round sum.
5Not omitting or disguising anything; frank: she berated him in good round terms
candid, frank, direct, honest, truthful, straightforward, plain, plain-spoken, blunt, outspoken, forthright, downright, unvarnished, bald, straight from the shoulder, explicit, unequivocal
informal upfront, not pulling any punches, not beating about the bush
archaic free-spoken


1A circular piece of something: cut the pastry into rounds
More example sentences
  • We rolled the huge rounds into the old wood shed.
  • Working carefully, I slid a thin knife under the wax rounds, popping them off in one piece.
  • I smiled and put a dozen hot kugel tarts, dense rounds of potato and salt and oil, to drain on a paper towel near her.
circle, disc, circlet;
ring, hoop, band;
ball, sphere, globe, orb, bead
technical annulus
1.1A thick disc of beef cut from the haunch as a joint.
Example sentences
  • Nutrient composition data are available for four lean cuts of bison: rib-eye, clod, top round and top sirloin.
  • Take a round of fresh beef (or the half of one if it is very large) and remove the bone.
  • I would appreciate some information on how to cook an inside round of beef using a slow cook method.
2An act of visiting a number of people or places in turn: she did the rounds of her family to say goodbye
More example sentences
  • When he was 20, Lewis made the rounds of Nashville's country career-makers.
  • Sara made the rounds of a few of the commands around the perimeter of the valley, attending to last-minute details.
  • I made the rounds of the cabin to see if any of the guys wanted to come with me and Dutchie.
2.1A regular tour of inspection in which the well-being of those visited is checked: the doctor is just making his rounds in the wards
More example sentences
  • She glanced up and down the hallway, checking for night nurses making their rounds.
  • For as long as I could remember Doc Harris had been making his rounds in his trap with Lady, the grey mare.
  • The other flight attendants continued making their rounds.
circuit, beat, course, route;
tour, turn
2.2chiefly British A journey along a fixed route delivering goods as part of one’s job or a job involving such journeys: I did a newspaper round
More example sentences
  • A local delivery driver tells the Graun that he's had to be towed out of the area three times in two weeks, and now keeps the engine running when he's on his rounds.
  • My very first job was doing a bread delivery round for the Co-op for six months.
3Each of a sequence of sessions in a process, typically characterized by development between one session and another: the two sides held three rounds of talks
More example sentences
  • Investment in education in general, and in particular school education would play a vital role in the next round of development.
  • Even more to the point, it makes you wonder how on earth it got past the usual film-industry round of development meetings and off the ground.
  • Mandela believed agreement would be reached in the next, final round of negotiations in July.
3.1A division of a contest such as a boxing or wrestling match.
Example sentences
  • Haley and I sat on the swings, while Chad and Dominic continued their tiebreaker round of wrestling.
  • He looked tattered and damp, as if he'd just done ten rounds of mud wrestling.
  • Worse than that is when Taylor prevents the timekeeper from ending the round during the big fight.
3.2Each of a succession of stages in a competition, in each of which more candidates are eliminated: the FA Cup first round
More example sentences
  • It had been rather emotional for those groups that were eliminated in the second round.
  • The competition consists of three rounds: preliminary, semi-final and final.
  • The first time he entered, he was eliminated after the first round.
stage, level;
heat, game, lap, bout, contest
3.3An act of playing all the holes in a golf course once: Eileen enjoys the occasional round of golf
More example sentences
  • Once the round of golf is over, the brothers can relax in the hotel's leisure complex.
  • They just showed up once a quarter for a round of golf and a casual perusal of the books.
  • Although he was about to turn 90, he looked trim and fit and boasted he had just returned from a robust round of golf at a nearby course.
4A regularly recurring sequence of activities: their lives were a daily round of housework and laundry
More example sentences
  • Because my memory is so terrible, sometimes I want to write about a certain part of the daily round so I won't forget about it.
  • She is doing a little royal work and doing it well, but will not take on a full-time round of royal engagements.
  • For expats, life's an endless round of parties.
succession, sequence, series, cycle
4.1A set of drinks bought for all the members of a group, typically as part of a sequence in which each member in turn buys such a set: it’s my round
More example sentences
  • We order a round of drinks and then I head out to the dance floor.
  • Andrew was at the bar, ordering a round of drinks for them all.
  • Whenever someone has money, they invite their friends to go out to a neighborhood bar for a round of drinks.
5 Music A song for three or more unaccompanied voices or parts, each singing the same theme but starting one after another, at the same pitch or in octaves; a simple canon.
Example sentences
  • We sang songs in rounds, back and forth with our own echoes.
  • Its ancestry is in the madrigal, the round, the glee (which fostered numerous glee clubs), and the partsong.
  • Their older brothers and sisters performed the Jewish song Shalom Chaverim, sung as a round.
6British A slice of bread: two rounds of toast
More example sentences
  • Frightened, they ran away but returned shortly after to the soldier with a loaf of rye bread and a round of white bread.
  • Too lazy to wait for another round of bread to toast, he cheekily pinched a slice of Josh's from out of the toaster, hurriedly spreading butter across it before he noticed.
6.1The quantity of sandwiches made from two slices of bread.
Example sentences
  • We wound up the day around six o'clock with a round of sandwiches on the front porch.
  • Refuelling at lunchtime consisted of rounds of scrumptious sandwiches and cake, with tea and coffee on tap.
  • Kait and Pete had another round of sandwiches.
7The amount of ammunition needed to fire one shot: the gun can fire 30 rounds a second
More example sentences
  • The directional pad is used for zooming in on targets, and the trigger buttons fire rounds of ammunition.
  • The 8th Air Force had fired 99 million rounds of ammunition during these flights and it is thought that 20,000 German planes were destroyed.
  • In 1885, Maxim developed a single-barrel weapon that could fire 500 rounds of ammunition a minute.
bullet, cartridge, shell, shot
7.1 Archery A fixed number of arrows shot from a fixed distance.
Example sentences
  • She did a whole round of arrows, perfect shots every single time - straight to the bull's eye.


chiefly British
1So as to rotate or cause rotation; with circular motion: a plane circled round overhead she turned her glass round and round
More example sentences
  • Placing them back in their case, I closed my eyes and began to rub my temples, round and round in a steady and gentle circular motion.
  • You are like a rudderless ship; you go round and round in circles.
  • Her mind had gone round and round in the same circles, formulating plans and then dismissing them.
1.1So as to cover or take in the whole area surrounding a particular centre: she paused to glance round admiringly at the décor
More example sentences
  • She glanced round for a way out, frowning as she realised there wasn't one.
  • Mark puts the phone down and glances round to take another look at the apartment.
  • Amy peered round at the vast landscape surrounding her and held her fingers to her nose to block the awful stench of rotting corpses.
1.2So as to reach everyone in a particular group or area: he passed round a newspaper cutting
More example sentences
  • Thumping drum and bass booms out, then cans of cider are passed round.
  • After the traditional toasts to Church and Queen and the ancient house, a drinking horn used for the purpose ever since the college was founded was passed round as a loving cup.
  • Now the hubble-bubble pipes are being passed round, and al-Madfai changes direction yet again.
2So as to rotate and face in the opposite direction: he swung round to face her
More example sentences
  • Lara swung round to face her oppressors.
  • I stopped her and swung her round to give her a full on kiss.
  • The ship swings round before its engines power up and it heads off.
2.1So as to lead in another direction: it was the last house before the road curved round
More example sentences
  • To give a sense of enclosure, and to avoid the long back rows common to most fan-shaped auditoria, the rear wall is brought round in a wide curve, embracing the audience.
  • The way the site curves round to embrace the harbour with a view back across the town seemed to offer an ideal position.
  • The path twisted round and round for what felt like an eternity.
2.2Used in describing the position of something, typically with regard to the direction in which it is facing or its relation to other items: the picture shows the pieces the wrong way round
More example sentences
  • If you connect an LED the wrong way round it won't kill it - it just wont produce any light.
  • Will you please not email me to tell me the pics above are the wrong way round.
  • I turn arrows and street signs the wrong way round and chuckle at the thought of people getting lost.
2.3Used to describe a situation in terms of the relation between people, actions, or events: it was he who was attacking her, not the other way round
More example sentences
  • This is surely tackling the issue the wrong way round.
  • She has criticised the whole modern theory of human rights as being conceived the wrong way round.
  • With public relations people, it is the other way round.
3So as to surround someone or something: everyone crowded round a pool with banks all the way round
More example sentences
  • Filming with a mini camera quickly brought a good-natured crowd of local residents flocking round, proud of their remarkable monument.
  • Once the warm-up was finished, Mr. Christian told them to gather round in a circle while he passed out the names.
  • I found myself in the garden of the farm-house, an orchard in the centre and flowerbeds all round.
3.1Used in stating the girth of something: the trunk is nine feet round
More example sentences
  • It is twenty hundred feet round and has a Plexiglas ring going around it.
  • About 20 feet round and extending up and down seemingly forever, it neatly severed the bridge.
4So as to reach a new place or position, typically by moving to the other side of something: he made his way round to the back of the building they went the long way round by the main road
More example sentences
  • I had to go the long way round because a surprise was being set up for the party which was going to be held in the hall.
  • Jamie walked round to the passenger side and got in.
  • Go round to the other side and go down the hidden passage.
4.1Used to convey an ability to navigate or orientate oneself: I like pupils to find their own way round
More example sentences
  • Do you know your way round yet?
  • A rehabilitation plan was devised with a particular emphasis on teaching Jonathon the skills necessary to find his way round independently in unfamiliar places.
4.2 informal Used to convey the idea of visiting someone else: why don’t you come round to my flat?
More example sentences
  • She loved to make them angry by bringing her friends round for meals at her house.
  • If you can't bear to miss the football or that chick flick you've always wanted to see, go watch it round at a friend's house.
  • If it's being played at a party, how does it know if you're taking money at the door, rather than just having a few friends round?
5Used to suggest idle and purposeless motion or activity: he was driving round aimlessly
More example sentences
  • I just wandered round really and eventually parked myself in a bar and drank coffee.
  • We have spent a very hot afternoon walking round and taking pics.
  • I don't know what you think you're doing anyway, mooching round here.
6So as to give support and companionship: if one girl is distraught the others will rally round
More example sentences
  • A Hampshire Internet Service Provider is looking for others to rally round and support a complaint it's made.
  • And if any of them finds himself in trouble, his old schoolmates will be expected to rally round in support.
  • And we are hoping other companies rally round and make it a trend.


chiefly British
1On every side of (a focal point): the area round the school with shifting sands all round me
More example sentences
  • A mix of uses is replacing the industrial area round the river port.
  • The river drains into swampy areas round Lake Bangweulu.
  • Her lipstick has bled into the soft skin round her mouth.
around, about, encircling, enclosing;
near, in the neighbourhood of, in the vicinity of, in the area of;
1.1(Of something abstract) having (the thing mentioned) as a focus: the text is built round real practical examples
More example sentences
  • The film is based round real events.
  • His analysis here is focused round the capitalist ‘commodity’.
  • That book centred round one field trip to the islands.
2So as to encircle (someone or something): he wrapped the blanket round him she drew a red circle round his name
More example sentences
  • On the way to see it, he saw a poster on the tube somewhere with a circle drawn round the head of the relevant person.
  • Erin was quiet for a long minute, winding the blanket round her fingers.
  • Adam found another blanket and draped it round the empty eyed woman's shoulders.
2.1(Of a person’s arm or arms) partially encircling (another person) as a gesture of affection: Angus put an arm round Flora and kissed her
More example sentences
  • ‘You're crazy,’ I laughed, flicking his hair out his eyes affectionately as he put his arm round my shoulder.
  • She gave me a dazzling smile and we walked to the bathroom together, and after making sure it was empty she grabbed me, and our lips met, our arms round each other.
  • Eventually we lay giggling in the grass with our arms round each other.
3Following an approximately circular route past (a corner or obstacle): a bus appeared round the corner
More example sentences
  • Soon summer came and Ian cycled almost every day (although never again round his previous route past the shops and up the hill).
  • The guards followed and chased them round a corner.
  • The bus sped round the corner.
3.1On the other side of (a corner or obstacle): Steven parked the car round the corner
More example sentences
  • I glance around nervously but the car park is round the back of the warehouse and everything seems fairly deserted.
  • We used to have a skate park round the corner from our place in Manchester.
  • She catches up with them just round the block.
3.2So as to hit (something) in passing: if he didn’t shut up he might get a clip round the ear
More example sentences
  • He is in dire need of a pretty good clip round the ear.
  • Alternatively - as my wife has just reminded me with a firm clip round the ear - Michel could just leave her chest as God intended and find someone to love her as she is.
  • Eventually Conan wrestled Clarence to the ground and boxed him round the ears, making Clarence's head swim.
4So as to cover or take in the whole area of (a place): she went round the house and saw that all the windows were barred
More example sentences
  • Another thing which she had not done for some time, Wendy realized as she rattled round the empty house on Saturday morning, was try out Pete's latest composing aid.
  • He started sleepwalking and shuffled round the house at night.
  • Alex ran round the house looking for his shoes.
throughout, all over, here and there in, everywhere in


[with object]
1Pass and go round (something) so as to move on in a changed direction: the ship rounded the cape and sailed north
More example sentences
  • By the end of the third day, the ship had rounded the cape.
  • Jack and Angela rounded the corner three blocks away from their houses.
  • She moved through an office door and rounded the corner to the employee lounge.
go round, move round, travel round, sail round, circumnavigate;
2Alter (a number) to one less exact but more convenient for calculations: we’ll round the weight up to the nearest kilo the committee rounded down the figure
More example sentences
  • Under the act, prices for such items as television licences and permits have to be rounded down to the nearest convenient amount below the exact euro equivalent.
  • This bracket will be rounded down to the nearest $50 for joint returns and head of household returns.
  • Income and gains should be rounded down to the nearest pound, while tax credits and deductions should be rounded up to the nearest pound.
3Give a round shape to: a lathe that rounded chair legs
More example sentences
  • To deepen the stretch, slowly extend arms and round spine forward, letting the weight of the torso fall forward.
3.1 [no object] Become circular in shape: her eyes rounded in dismay
More example sentences
  • I muttered under my breath, my almond shaped eyes rounding to replicate saucers.
  • ‘What do you mean?’ she asked, her blue eyes, rounding in question.
3.2 Phonetics Pronounce (a vowel) with the lips narrowed and protruded: the actor’s uneven attempt to round the vowels of his midwestern twang
More example sentences
  • Most Australians can achieve this accent by ‘rounding the vowels’ and concentrating on speaking ‘properly’.
  • She speaks very fast, with a Spanish accent that rounds her vowels.
  • If he rounds his vowels a bit more his accent will drop.


Are round and around (as preposition and adverbial particle) interchangeable in all contexts? In many contexts in British English they are, as in she put her arm round him; she put her arm around him. There is, however, a general preference for round to be used for definite, specific movement ( she turned round; a bus came round the corner), while around tends to be used in contexts which are less definite ( she wandered around for ages; costing around £3,000) or for abstract uses ( a rumour circulating around the cocktail bars).In US English the situation is different. The normal form in most contexts is around; round is generally regarded as informal or non-standard and is only standard in certain fixed expressions, as in all year round and they went round and round in circles.



go the round (or rounds)

(Of a story or joke) be passed on from person to person: some odd stories about her were going the rounds
More example sentences
  • A story went the rounds of one agent who went to a café and asked for a café noir - this was a mistake, because a café noir was the only kind available, milk being rationed, and his ‘cover’ was blown.
  • I'd like to know because it was certainly a story that went the rounds among schoolboys in my day.
  • There was a story going the rounds about one of the European shift bosses who was invited to the Lewises for lunch, to sample one of Jane's home made Cornish pasties.

in the round

1(Of sculpture) standing free with all sides shown, rather than carved in relief against a ground.
Example sentences
  • Whether in reliefs or figures carved in the round, he achieved dramatic expression of emotion through the intense faces, emphatic gestures, and cascading draperies of his figures.
  • The turn from relief to sculpture in the round led to radical changes in his work.
  • Standing just 36 cm high, and carved in the round, the model for the Queen Charlotte's figurehead is a tour de force of the woodcarver's art, although its maker's name is as yet unknown.
1.1Fully and thoroughly; with all aspects shown: to understand social phenomena one must see them in the round
More example sentences
  • The process must be viewed in the round, and not on a pupil by pupil basis, and chambers may well see an advantage in developing close relationships with pupils who plan to practise as employed barristers or to practise overseas.
  • The question of exceptional circumstances must therefore be considered in the round.
  • The adjudicator must look at all of the material in the round and see whether he is persuaded of the claim.
2(Of a theatrical performance) with the audience placed on at least three sides of the stage.
Example sentences
  • Theatre, in the round, is not my favourite venue for an evening's entertainment but, after last night, I begin to realise how effective it can be when it is under control of a man who knows how to handle it to its maximum advantage
  • The director presented one of the few instances in my life where theatre in the round has succeeded.
  • The play was done in the company's Bingham Theatre, which is in the round, the hardest kind of space for a stage director to work in.

round about

1On all sides or in all directions: everything round about was covered with snow
More example sentences
  • Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the side of thine house; thy children like olive plants round about thy table.
  • He was no hearty admirer of the Cambridge landscape - in the poem he avoids it with some ingenuity and confines himself to the names of the villages round about.
  • Pray, Mrs. Tremlett, do you know any thing about the factory people that work in all these great ugly buildings round about Ashleigh?
2At a point or time approximately equal to: they arrived round about nine compasses were first added to sundials round about the end of the fourteenth century
More example sentences
  • Some of the reviewers when the book appeared seemed to find evidence for a sudden conversion round about 1934, but his disgust for earthly things is displayed over and over again in his early novels.
  • On their third dive, round about 3pm, they headed off together and were last spotted swimming calmly 12m down.
  • He has often been supposed to be the ‘Fair Youth’ of Shakespeare's Sonnets, most of which may well have been written round about 1593-6, though they may have been revised and reordered around 1602.
approximately, about, around, roughly, in the neighbourhood of, in the area of, of the order of, just about, something like, more or less, as near as dammit to, close to, near to, practically;
or so, or thereabouts, there or thereabouts, give or take a few, plus or minus a few, give or take a bit, in round numbers;
not far off, nearly, almost, approaching;
British  getting on for;
South African  plus-minus;
Latin circa
North American informal in the ballpark of
2.1Approximately: we raised round about half a million dollars round about 10,000 homes were affected
More example sentences
  • Bringing in round about $2m annually, tourism has contributed the most to the economy's prosperity.
  • For the same car, but with circa 40k on the clock, you'd be looking at round about 24k from a dealer, but I'd be inclined to try to push that down a bit.
  • The limiting factor is clearly the interface but at round about 1GB per minute, the transfer speed is reasonable.

round the bend

see bend1.

round the twist

see twist.

Phrasal verbs


round something off

Make the edges or corners of something smooth: round off the spars with a soft plastic fitting
More example sentences
  • The sharp edges, corners and points have been rounded off and smoothed away.
  • The square edges will be rounded off to prevent further damage to the wall.
  • I tested the tip of one, but evidently they were purely aesthetic, the tips and edges were rounded off so that they couldn't possibly harm anyone.
smooth off, plane off, sand off, level off
1.1Complete something in a satisfying or suitable way: a pint at the pub will round off the day nicely
More example sentences
  • After a highly enjoyable day sightseeing, we decided to round things off with a pub meal before going home.
  • The first group of children to complete the course before Christmas rounded it off with a small party and seven new children started on January 12.
  • With a combination of acrylic, watercolour and photographic work, his diverse collection is rounded off by a self-made video, adding an eerie auditory aspect to the exhibit.
complete, finish off, crown, cap, top off, conclude, close, bring to a close/end, end

round on

Make a sudden verbal attack on: she rounded on me angrily
More example sentences
  • ‘You're not even supposed to be driving,’ she snapped, rounding on him.
  • Mr. Archer offered to explain, but Anthony rounded on him and declared in a sudden outburst that he would say it himself.
  • The guilty will defend by rounding on the accuser, and for that reason I expect to be chastised for the audacity to doubt their value, although some do good work.
snap at, attack, turn on, set upon, weigh into, fly at, let fly at, lash out at, hit out at, lambaste
informal bite someone's head off, jump down someone's throat, lay into, wade into, lace into, pitch into, tear into
British informal have a go at
North American informal light into

round something out

Make something more complete: his father insisted he went to university to round out his education
More example sentences
  • The supplements are rounded out by a trailer and TV spot.
  • The tartar sauce had a zippy, homemade taste to it, and both our plates were rounded out well with green salads and ample servings of perfectly nice fries.
  • The meatless concoctions were rounded out by lentil salad and yellow split peas cooked with turmeric, ginger and onions.

round someone/thing up

Drive or collect a number of people or animals together for a particular purpose: in the afternoon the cows are rounded up for milking
More example sentences
  • I know monkeys and animals are rounded up or bred away from their natural habitats and countries for experiments in the pursuit of profit.
  • The animals will be rounded up and sold at auction.
  • Sheep are wandering all over the moors in search of the best grazing, making it almost impossible for shepherds to round them up and encouraging more farmers to take advantage of higher lamb prices and sell up, meaning even fewer sheep.
4.1Arrest a number of people: the secret police rounded up the group
More example sentences
  • That slaying remains such a tinderbox issue that the police and prosecutors only reluctantly confirmed for the first time today that some 12 suspects had been rounded up this month and more arrests were pending.
  • Eventually she and her other two brothers were rounded up by the police for interrogation by the usual methods, but this is only hinted at, not described.
  • There were dramatic pictures that came out of there, of the police rounding these people up.



Pronunciation: /ˈraʊndɪʃ/
Example sentences
  • Attached to the pumps, multiple tubes on the floor next to the wall led into the space, where they intermittently veered off to form seven roundish tangles.
  • His face was roundish, his eyes some unidentifiable dark color while his hair was golden brown, cut short with highlights of red here and there.
  • She was short and roundish, with mocha colored skin.


Pronunciation: /ˈraʊndnəs/
Example sentences
  • Is the face's roundness, softness and unthreatening air of friendliness a factor?
  • Painting, for him should imitate the roundness of sculptured forms, and architecture, too, must partake of the organic qualities of the human figure.
  • When the hairline is receding, a style that is long and flowing in the back, like Stevie wears, will balance the overall roundness of his facial shape.


Middle English: from the Old French stem round-, from a variant of Latin rotundus 'rotund'.

Words that rhyme with round

abound, aground, around, astound, bound, compound, confound, dumbfound, expound, found, ground, hound, impound, interwound, mound, pound, profound, propound, redound, sound, stoneground, surround, theatre-in-the-round (US theater-in-the-round), underground, wound

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