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Pronunciation: /seɪm/


(the same)
1Identical; not different: she was saying the same thing over and over I have never made the same mistake since I’m the same age as you are the very same people who practised all the rules are now the most sceptical [with clause]: he put on the same costume that he had worn in Ottawa she was still the same old Beth
More example sentences
  • For such a small place you would expect the price of the same item in different stores to be almost identical.
  • It's funny how different people remember the same event in different ways.
  • It tells the stories of three families of different culture in the same borough of London and is an exuberant read.
the identical, the very same, selfsame, one and the same, the very
1.1Not having changed; unchanged: he’s worked at the same place for quite a few years
More example sentences
  • The more things change the more they stay the same.
  • However, the dating system has stayed the same.
  • I like getting up at the same time every day.
1.2Used to emphasize that one is referring to a particular, unique person or thing: people will always notice if you wear the same shirt two days running they drank out of the same glass
More example sentences
  • In place of Watkin's Folly, indeed on the exact same spot, was built the Empire Stadium.
  • Three years ago, the two men met at the same stage of the Australian Open.
  • The same number was subsequently transferred to a Honda Accent.
1.3 (this/that same) Referring to a person or thing just mentioned: that same year I went to Boston
More example sentences
  • As well, they left us with that same old promise that the band will soon be putting out an album.
  • Many New Toronto residents still use that same transit route to get in and out of the city.
  • During this same period, my home telephone and my mobile phone were subject to nuisance calls.
selfsame, aforesaid, aforementioned
2Of an identical type; exactly similar: they all wore the same clothes
More example sentences
  • We get up about the same time every day, eat the same sorts of things, and put on the same sort of clothes.
  • Both wore the same clothes, a square scarlet red cloth hung from their hip and they both wore black trousers.
  • We all wear the same clothes to show our Primary Cross, that is, what trait shows up primarily.
matching, identical, alike, duplicate, carbon-copy, twin, paired, coupled, double, indistinguishable, interchangeable, corresponding, equivalent, parallel, (all) of a piece, like, like (two) peas in a pod, comparable, similar, correlative, congruent, tallying, agreeing, concordant, consonant
unchanging, unchanged, changeless, unvarying, unvaried, invariable, constant, consistent, uniform, regular


1 (the same) The same thing as something previously mentioned: I’ll resign and encourage everyone else to do the same
More example sentences
  • In other matters of form, the opening scenes were very much the same as in previous years.
  • Irrespective of the size of the company the employment issues are still the same, he said.
  • The present format of the draw will remain the same as will the two euro play.
the same thing, the aforementioned, the aforesaid, the above-mentioned
1.1(Chiefly in formal or legal use) the person or thing just mentioned: put the tailboard up and secure same with a length of wire
More example sentences
  • The same Mr. Samaranch recently made a statement: "I am sure that the Olympic Games in Beijing will be the best in Olympic history".
  • All age groups are welcome to participate and sponsorship of same would be very welcome.
  • The same woman waited until the delicately poised last chords of Mahler's slow movement to get up and leave.
2People or things that are identical or share the same characteristics: there are several brands and they’re not all the same
More example sentences
  • Students are not all the same. They come from many different backgrounds. Some are ready to move on to challenging college courses right away.
  • Also, it's unlikely that the reports are exactly the same. Subtle variances can make a difference.


Similarly; in the same way: treating women the same as men he gave me five dollars, same as usual
More example sentences
  • He broke down the tape, same as usual. He went through the goods and the bads, same as usual. He saw plenty of things that went wrong in Monday's Game 5, starting with losing the puck twice on the first shift, and ending with 40-plus shots that didn't get to the net.



all (or just) the same

In spite of this; nevertheless: she knew they had meant it kindly, but it had hurt all the same
More example sentences
  • Xander was certain that she was just doing this to spite him, but it rankled all the same.
  • Just the same, I wouldn't mind if at least one of this duo returned a phone message I left on an answering machine last week.
  • All the same, I wouldn't necessarily wish that kind of "miracle cure" on anybody. The transformation of my emotions and consciousness was so radical that I couldn't really handle it.
in spite of that/everything, nevertheless, nonetheless, even so, however, but, still, yet, though, be that as it may, for all that, despite that/everything, after everything, having said that, just the same, at the same time, in any event, come what may, at any rate, notwithstanding, regardless, anyway, anyhow
informal still and all
archaic howbeit, withal, natheless
1.1In any case; anyway: thanks all the same, but I’ve something better to do
More example sentences
  • Thanks all the same, I normally only date people that are my age or older, but thank you.
  • I've already had my winter illness thanks all the same, I don't want it again it's boring!
  • Interesting, but I like it just the way it is really, thanks all the same Frank.

at the same time

see time.
Example sentences
  • These children can use both their hands to write in two different languages on two different subjects at the same time.
  • How often do you wish to run multiple Firefox profiles at the same time?

be all the same to

Be unimportant to (someone) what happens: it was all the same to me where it was being sold
More example sentences
  • I was now thoroughly confused, and felt terribly provincial when I said I'd rather sleep on the sofa, if it was all the same to him.
  • Because, well, I hate to say it, but if it really were all the same to him, he'd have accepted your gracious invite on the spot and spared himself the bother.
  • Together they had sailed the oceans of the world, wherever work was needed, either in the French Navy, on merchant vessels, or aboard East Indiamen, they were all the same to them.
immaterial, of no importance, of no consequence, inconsequential, unimportant, of no matter/moment, of little account, irrelevant, insignificant, trivial, petty, slight, inappreciable

by the same token

see token.

one and the same

The same person or thing (used for emphasis).
Example sentences
  • He's lobbying to make the working age and the voting age one and the same.
  • The casual listener might even think the two projects are one and the same.
  • It reminds us that nationhood and identity are not one and the same.

same again

Another drink of the same kind as the last (said as a request or offer).
Example sentences
  • Same again, please, Charlie — two brandies and a coke.
  • Another drink? Thanks mate, don't mind if I do. Same again, please.

same difference

informal Used to express the speaker’s belief that two or more things are essentially the same, in spite of apparent differences: ‘Jesuits, Christians, same difference’, the doctor said
More example sentences
  • By the way James Whittaker writes for the Mirror and not the Star but hey - same difference these days… almost.
  • On Friday there is a panel discussion by the Juvenile Justice Unit discussing ‘the Needs of Children in Conflict with the Law versus the Needs of Vulnerable Children, - Not the same difference?’
  • Copper Quarter, Gold Nickel same difference, it's a form of currency.

same here

informal The same applies to me.
Example sentences
  • ‘Yeah, same here,’ Chiisaii agreed, half asleep.
  • Yes same here, I was never so fond of Snow White, so I made a challenge to myself; if people don't like Snow White, I will MAKE THEM!
  • I am pretty much the kind to target what I want, so the same here - I line someone up.

same old, same old

Used to convey that something is drearily predictable or familiar: the game’s fantasy setting is the same old, same old
More example sentences
  • In a trice, the thrill of the new evaporates, leaving you once again with that familiar feeling: same old, same old.
  • Let's just hope the single is Mercury Rev providing a gentle reintroduction of themselves before unleashing new sounds, rather than an indication of an album stuffed full of the same old, same old.
  • Anything less and the skeptics will have their day and, for the rest of us, five more years of the same old, same old.

(the) same to you!

May you do or have the same thing (a response to a greeting or insult).
Example sentences
  • You say that we are doomed; I must retort the same to you!


Middle English: from Old Norse sami, from an Indo-European root shared by Sanskrit sama, Greek homos.

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