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Pronunciation: /skant


1Barely sufficient or adequate: companies with scant regard for the safety of future generations
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  • This mainstream inward-investment effort paid scant attention to financial services or any other part of the non-manufacturing side of business.
  • So far they've paid scant attention to the rebel's scheme.
  • But of course it's there in the small print, and it's paid scant attention to.
little, little or no, minimal, hardly any, limited, negligible, barely sufficient, meagre;
insufficient, too little, not enough, inadequate, deficient
rare exiguous
1.1 [attributive] Barely amounting to a specified number or quantity: she weighed a scant two pounds
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  • At 16 years old and a scant 118 pounds, Swan was a stick figure, to say the least.
  • Hardly wearing out its welcome at a scant 50 minutes, the feature is accompanied by the shorts Intent, Strap 'Em Down!


[with object] chiefly North American Back to top  
1Provide grudgingly or in insufficient amounts: he does not scant his attention to the later writings
1.1Deal with inadequately; neglect: the press regularly scants a host of issues relating to safety and health
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  • In one way or another, all these moves in its backyard overrode or scanted EU sensibilities.
  • It should also be noted that the bottom of the socio-economic distribution is scanted in these data because this segment of the population is not favored by adoption agencies.
  • Now it's Mozart's poise, craft and wit that tend to get scanted.


Middle English: from Old Norse skamt, neuter of skammr 'short'.



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  • They have wonderful calamari, pale as dawn light, scantly breaded, quickly fried, and just as buoyant as a breeze.
  • They put pictures of scantly clad women on their covers.
  • Many are not aware that this song was scantly known during the lifetime of Bankim himself.



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