There are 2 main definitions of send in English:

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send 1

Line breaks: send

verb (past and past participle sentsɛnt)

1 [with object] Cause to go or be taken to a particular destination; arrange for the delivery of, especially by post: we sent a reminder letter but received no reply [with two objects]: he sent her a nice little note
More example sentences
  • To return merchandise, pack it carefully (use the original packing material if possible) and send it back to us with a copy of your shipment receipt.
  • Their relationship began 18 months after Myfanwy died, with a low-key old-fashioned courtship; he sent flowers, there were candlelit dinners.
  • Five months after her transfer, she sent a rambling 15-page handwritten letter to two journalists at the Adelaide Advertiser.
dispatch, post, mail, put in the post/mail, address, get off, convey, consign, direct, forward, redirect, send on, remit, airmail
transmit, convey, communicate;
telephone, phone, broadcast, televise, telecast, radio, fax, email, upload, ISDN, FTP
dated telegraph, wire, cable
1.1Cause (a message or computer file) to be transmitted electronically: send your document as a PDF attachment [with two objects]: I sent him an email last week
More example sentences
  • I use my phone for the most basic things - making calls and sending texts.
  • Each year sees an increase in the number of text messages we send.
  • You can also send text messages from your laptop.
1.2Order or instruct to go to a particular destination or in a particular direction: the BBC sent me to Washington to cover the trial
More example sentences
  • The judge then gave his majority direction and sent the jury away for further deliberations.
  • Jade Emperor cried, and he summoned Mountain God, ordering him to send mountains to fall upon the dragons.
  • The principal printed out her entries, made her do corrective work order, and even sent her for counselling.
1.3 [no object, with infinitive] Send a message or letter: he sent to invite her to supper
More example sentences
  • He was more a man of deeds than of words - he always performed what he promised, and when this had been done, he sent to let the petitioner know that his wishes had been granted.
  • Mr. Norton allowed the child to lie ill for a week - indeed to be at death's door - before he sent to inform me.
1.4 [with object and adverbial of direction] Cause to move sharply or quickly; propel: the volcano sent clouds of ash up four miles into the air
More example sentences
  • In any kind of breeze they smoke like a forest fire, sending clouds of grey dust over the moored yachts and into harbourside streets.
  • She managed only to claw the piled ash, sending a cloud into the air.
  • Mike quickly pushed forward sending random shots toward them as the five of them cleared off.
propel, project, send forth, eject, deliver, discharge, spout, fire, shoot, blast, catapult, launch, release, force, push, impel, ram;
informal chuck, sling, bung
1.5 (send someone to) Arrange for someone to go to (an institution) and stay there for a particular purpose: many parents prefer to send their children to single-sex schools
More example sentences
  • Magistrates sent Harris to a young offenders institution for 90 days.
  • The brutality of ‘Victorian’ responses to otherness is echoed in Walter's bleak experience in the institution he is sent to after the death of his parents.
  • That is the way with war crimes such as genocide, the charge which has sent Krstic to prison for the rest of his life.
2 [with object and complement] Cause to be in a specified state: while driving in London I was sent crazy by roadworks
More example sentences
  • I think this sudden heatwave is sending me kinda crazy.
  • People weren't generally allowed to work at the Workshop for more than three months at a time. They thought it would send people crazy.
  • The whispers in the walls were sending me slowly crazy, and the constant whirring of my empty mind made me feel dizzy.
make, drive, cause to be/become
2.1 [with object] informal Affect with powerful emotion; put into ecstasy: it’s the spectacle and music that send us, not the words
More example sentences
  • Another neighbour said the murders had sent a wave of emotion through the tight-knit community.
  • A word of praise from the shop girl sends a flare of ecstasy over her face.
  • When not drinking kava, the islanders grow coffee, the kind that sends coffee buyers into ecstasies.
excite, stimulate, move, rouse, stir, thrill, electrify, intoxicate, enrapture, enthral, grip, ravish, charm, delight, give pleasure to, titillate
informal turn on, blow away, give someone a buzz/kick, stoke


Old English sendan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zenden and German senden.


send someone flying

Cause someone to be knocked violently off balance or to the ground: the recoil of the gun sent him flying
More example sentences
  • It sent her flying to the ground and almost knocked her unconscious.
  • A Crimestoppers appeal in the Evening Press trapped the thief who snatched a 74-year-old man's savings and sent him flying to the ground.
  • We'd gone a little way, and I was looking out for a good place to stop when, with no warning at all, the bike took a sharp twist sideways sending us flying to the ground.

send someone packing

see pack1.

send someone to Coventry

see Coventry.
ostracize, exclude, shun, spurn, cold-shoulder, give someone the cold shoulder, reject, repudiate, boycott, blackball, blacklist, cast off, cast out, shut out, avoid, ignore, snub, cut dead, keep at arm's length, leave out in the cold, bar, ban, debar, banish, exile, expel;
North American disfellowship
informal freeze out, hand someone the frozen mitt
British informal blank
dated cut

send someone to the showers

see shower.

send word

Send a message: he sent word that he was busy
More example sentences
  • We have a strong alliance with them and if they were ever in need they would send word, but no such message has been received.
  • The accused, however, were not present: they sent word through their lawyers that they were protesting the OTP's failure to present some materials to them as the bench had ordered.
  • But shortly afterwards, Jeremie sent word that he was willing to hold his hand on the executions of the four, but not the entire death row population.

Phrasal verbs

send away for

Order or request that (something) be sent to one: you can send away for the recipe
More example sentences
  • I knew that you folks were on tenterhooks about the new black sport coat I sent away for, and yes, as promised, I did have an excellent opportunity to give it its first live-fire exercise Tuesday night.
  • Rowena immediately recognized it as the Chow Hall apron her sister had sent away for.
  • A few years ago, armed with a few extra bucks from my quarterly student loan dispersement, I sent away for an exciting new book that appeared to be the answer to all of my questions about how the West sees herbal medicines.

send someone down

1Expel a student from a university.
Example sentences
  • A myth surrounding the vessels states that if a student drank all the beer held in one, he would be sent down.
  • Some have won fully paid scholarships to colleges and Universities and when they get there, they are sent down because the fraud that they perpetuated on themselves and others has now caught up with themselves.
  • It's true, I say absolutely nothing insulting nor talk back to the teachers and they send me down.
expel, exclude;
British rusticate
2 (US send someone up) informal Sentence someone to imprisonment: you’re going to get sent down for possessing drugs
More example sentences
  • This was before she was sent up to prison, Upstate New York.
  • In 1992 he was sent up for murder and racketeering.
  • Ricky and Des were sent down because they refused to come to a deal and plead guilty when they knew they were innocent.
send to prison, sentence to imprisonment, imprison, jail, incarcerate, lock up, confine, detain, intern, immure
informal put away
British informal bang up

send something down

Cricket Bowl a ball or an over: Bainbridge sent down 25 overs and finished with 5 for 44
More example sentences
  • The fastest spell in history, incidentally, flew off the bat as quick as it was sent down, bringing figures of no wickets for 28 off four overs.
  • Just 70 overs were sent down in the six premier division games leaving all 12 teams to take nine points.

send for

Order or instruct (someone) to come to one; summon: if you don’t go I shall send for the police
More example sentences
  • Iokaste sends for Oedipus and instructs the Corinthian to inform him of the news.
  • Niko's wounds would heal quickly enough and I instructed the Captain to send for the physician in the morning.
  • ‘I shall be sending for you and we shall marry and live together in France,’ he told me.
call, call for, call in, summon, ask to come, request, request the presence/attendance of, order, contact, fetch
4.1Order by post: send for our mail order catalogue
More example sentences
  • I sent for a copy and when I glanced through it, I thought it was really great.
  • In order to do this effectively it may be given powers equivalent to those of the High Court to summon witnesses, send for documents, administer oaths, etc.
  • We phoned a place in Toronto to send for replacement instruments, but made the mistake of telling them they'd probably been stolen.

send something in

Submit material to be considered for a competition or possible publication: don’t forget to send in your entries for our summer competition
More example sentences
  • The Supporters' Trust has also appealed for fans who made pledges at the public meeting at Valley Parade last Thursday to send their money in as soon as possible.
  • There are a few sponsorship cards outstanding and people are asked to send them in as quickly as possible.
  • But she accepted that was still not enough and that the Department was still urging people to send their forms in as soon as possible.

send off for

another way of saying send away for above.

send someone off

Instruct someone to go; arrange for someone’s departure: she sent him off to a lecturing engagement
More example sentences
  • After which they can pump up the girl, give her instructions, and send her off to ‘avenge’.
  • Alas now if he posted such extracts someone would probably complain that they were commercial posts and send him off to stand in a corner like some naughty little boy.
  • I better send James off to exchange them for more lightweight paper…
7.1(Of a referee, especially in soccer or rugby) order a player to leave the field and take no further part in the game: the goalkeeper was sent off for a professional foul
More example sentences
  • But City have seen a copy of Crick's report to the FA which mentions that Combe was sent off for assaulting the referee.
  • If I was the referee I'd have sent him off - it was a terrible challenge.
  • In 2001, a fifth division player in Sweden was jailed for attacking a referee who had sent him off.
order off, tell to leave the field, dismiss;
show someone the red card
informal red-card, send for an early bath, give someone their marching orders, sin-bin

send something off

Dispatch something by post: please take a moment or two to send off a cheque to a good cause
More example sentences
  • ‘We want people to get involved but we do not want people to send things off in the post, just to let us know and we will arrange to have a look at them,’ says Jane Sellars, freelance exhibition curator.
  • So, anyway, I shot off to the study to write a covering letter for the deeds and then to the post office to send the package off by special delivery, next day guaranteed.
  • I had to go to the post office to send a few posters off to those good enough to want to buy some off me (details on home page).

send something on

Transmit mail or luggage to a further destination or in advance of one’s own arrival: I’ve got your catalogue—would you like me to send it on?
More example sentences
  • The cash would be carried in oak chests, and the keys would be sent on in advance for added safety.
  • Postini then filters out the spam and the virus-infected messages, among other things, before sending your mail on.
  • Okay, then, I'll ask my people to send my luggage on later, I'd rather set off earlier and travel in comfort.

send something out

1Produce, emit, or give out something: radar signals were sent out in powerful pulses
More example sentences
  • Passionate leadership won't succeed if contradictory signals are sent out.
  • They meet in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican and let the world know what is happening by means of a smoke signal coming through a chimney leading to the roof of the chapel a smoke signal is sent out to tell the outside world what is happening.
  • When prices are held down this signal is not sent out.
2Dispatch items to a number of people: the company sent out written information about the stock
More example sentences
  • The Associated Press sent a dispatch out of Bangkok that they considered news.
  • The leaflet says information and advice on steps to be taken in the event of a nuclear emergency will be sent out on radio and television.
  • I point out that he's still writing and sending his stories out regularly.

send someone/thing up

1British Give an exaggerated imitation of someone or something in order to ridicule them: we used to send him up something rotten
More example sentences
  • In panto I send myself up playing the Gladiator role; in this the character is sent up in the story, and there's lots of fun at everyone's expense.
  • They have an answer for that too, though: they're not just sending people up, they insist, but seeking to politicise them.
  • Filled with endless mumbo-jumbo dialogue and obvious plot twists, it never begins to convince or enthral and is populated by actors who don't know whether to strive for sincerity or just throw in the towel and send the whole thing up.
informal take off, spoof, take the mickey out of
archaic monkey
British vulgar slang take the piss out of
2 (send someone up) see send someone down above.



Example sentences
  • This sample demonstrates how to use a custom sendable form.
  • What if every note you ever took was saveable, searchable and sendable?


Example sentences
  • An opt-in system, such as Australia's, requires senders of electronic messages to obtain prior consent from recipients.
  • Humans are the senders and receivers of all their causal influences, and the entire circumstances surrounding each human is their karma.
  • To my knowledge over the last 12 months I have had a significant amount of mail go missing between various senders and myself.

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Definition of send in:

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There are 2 main definitions of send in English:

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send 2 Line breaks: send

noun& verb

Variant spelling of scend.

Definition of send in:

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