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shit Line breaks: shit
vulgar slang

Definition of shit in English:


[mass noun]
Example sentences
  • What if your angel gets caught rioting or dropping shit from overpasses?
  • It would appear that I am made up of equal parts donkey droppings and kangaroo shit.
  • Someone had wiped Body Excrement - ok, shit - all over the men's toilet seat.
1.1 [count noun] An act of defecating.
1.2 (the shits) Diarrhoea.
Example sentences
  • I still couldn't shake off the lingering shits that had blighted my otherwise joyful return from Africa.
  • In my experience, a dose of the shits can be worse than a heart attack!
  • I remember it now, I had a serious dose of the shits at the time.
2 [count noun] A contemptible or worthless person.
Example sentences
  • I do, because every time I see graffiti, I want to find the little shits who've been tagging the stop signs and bridges and trees, take them back to 1920, and leave them there.
  • You might want to apologize to her, because you're lying shits and if you don't, she will beat you stupid with your idiocy for years to come and we cannot defend you for that.
  • Some of my co-workers have been shits lately… more so than usual.
3Something worthless; rubbish; nonsense: this book is shit
More example sentences
  • It'd still be a worthless piece of shit, but that's not the point I'm making.
  • He told me that the newspaper is a worthless pile of shit and he refused to be associated with it.
  • In fact, most beautifully shot stuff, the way it's shot in Hollywood, is shit and not worth looking at.
3.1Unpleasant experiences or treatment: I went through a lot of shit last year
More example sentences
  • It's not some strange case of twins separated at birth or genetic experiments or any such shit.
  • Here are the words and they convey extremely well what kind of sick, sadistic shit was going on in that prison.
  • That experience means they can see through all your shit.
4Things or stuff, especially personal belongings: he left his shit at my flat
More example sentences
  • Dammit, I have too much shit in my purse, as any other chick would.
  • They're gonna love you, buy you shit, ask you to sign parts of the body that you didn't know you could write on.
  • Just make sure that you don't get any of that shit on the carpet.
4.1Events or circumstances: some crazy shit happened last night
5An intoxicating drug, especially cannabis.
Example sentences
  • But the guys I lived with were into drugs, heavy shit, not just dope or ecstasy.
  • Previous limitations due to sporadic sources of suppliers and low quality shit, had limited their drug activity in the past.
  • Marinol is a gel cap of THC and some other shit to make you not paranoid and stuff, I think.

verb (shits, shitting; past and past participle shitted or shit or shat /ʃat/)

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1 [no object] Expel faeces from the body.
Example sentences
  • When you're shitting in a bucket too, they can't say that you don't know what it's like.
  • Hell, the seagulls already think they are the beach - they're out in full force, shitting on my car and poking through my garbage.
  • The rest of my time was spent doing the minimum amount of house chores, and shitting and peeing.
1.1 [with object] (shit oneself) Soil one’s clothes as a result of expelling faeces accidentally.
Example sentences
  • He provides the ideal candidate: awkward, withdrawn and too embarrassed to defend himself because, at the time of the attack, he was - quite literally - shitting himself.
  • I've got to go, otherwise I'm going to shit myself.
  • Or it would be, if I weren't stuck inside the larger of the two stalls in the upper-grade boys' bathroom at Golden Elementary School, trying desperately not to shit myself.
1.2 [with object] (shit oneself) Be very frightened.
Example sentences
  • Just by looking at my eyes he knew that I was shitting myself right there.
  • The Ma Bell phone cartel should be shitting themselves right about now.
  • I'd say to him: ‘You're shitting yourself, aren't you?
2 [with object] Tease or try to deceive (someone).
Example sentences
  • Let's move swiftly on to the next band, who have now been having hit singles for, I shit you not, seven whole years.
  • Now it's a couple of ill-thought out articles about - I shit you not - how to rip your jeans to look like the strokes and where to buy plaid shirts.
  • Yes, I shit you not - the proposal is to send ASBOed families off to live in a steel container in the middle of nowhere.


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An exclamation of disgust, anger, or annoyance.
Example sentences
  • Nothing like reactionary, kneejerk politics is there: asylum seekers land on an island, we have international legal obligations - shit!
  • After lunch Gordon paid us a visit and let us know that our liaison lecturer would be coming on Monday to watch us teach his classes. Oh shit!
  • I need to make one more trip down on Wednesday, shit!


be the shit
US vulgar slang Be outstandingly good or impressive.
beat (or kick) the shit out of
vulgar slang Beat (someone) very severely.
be shitting bricks
vulgar slang Be extremely nervous or frightened.
Example sentences
  • They should start shitting bricks over that one.
  • Saying, ‘I'm shitting bricks, me,’ just before delivering Hamlet's, ‘To be, or not to be,’ soliloquy might not be such a good idea.
  • William, still shitting bricks, finally holed out for twelve after playing bagatelle with a few trees, a rabbit hole and a water hazard that no-one had noticed before.
do bears shit in the woods?
vulgar slang Used to indicate that something is blatantly obvious.
Example sentences
  • Anyway, once this first question had been solved it allowed scientists to solve all sorts of things, like ‘do bears shit in the woods’?
  • Does the Pope fart, do bears shit in the woods?
  • 3gb RAM and a Core 2 Dual processor, I shall be like shit off a shovel - of course I'm interested in software, do bears shit in the woods?
get one's shit together
vulgar slang Organize oneself so as to be able to deal with or achieve something.
Example sentences
  • Maybe next year I will be able to get my shit together and bring you the things you want.
  • This stuff never ever (not that I've heard of) happens to Marines, they got their shit together, or if there is a problem they put in a fix pretty quick.
  • Not like my day; they've got their shit together.
give someone the shits
informal, chiefly Australian /NZ Make someone annoyed or angry.
Example sentences
  • It's like they've been able to read my mind - and it saves me having to whinge to them about what is giving me the shits.
  • It gives me the shits big-time that public transport was privatised without offering any of the benefits of a free market.
  • When even one of my favourite artists starts sampling songs which are already proven hits/cult classics, and releasing them as singles, it gives me the shits.
in the shit
vulgar slang In trouble.
Example sentences
  • Interestingly this wasn't really an issue when I was going through the process of packing up my London life because, I think, I really was in the shit and it was obvious I needed help.
  • So instead I've dropped him in the shit with his boss, my new business manager, by enquiring whether it's the bank's policy to never return phone calls, nor to do as promised.
  • I am so deep in the shit, I'd better start swimming.
lose one's shit
US vulgar slang Lose one’s composure.
no shit
vulgar slang Used as a way of confirming or seeking confirmation of the truth of a statement.
Example sentences
  • It arrived there in the 1870s on the back of an unfortunate camel - no shit!
  • ‘Too much TV may impair kids' reading skills,’ says an exhaustive and expensive study, like no shit, Sherlock.
  • There was, no shit, an in-ground spa nestled in a black-tiled bathroom, Bali candles, oils… it was like something out of the Daily Planet.
not give a shit
vulgar slang Not care at all.
Example sentences
  • I don't give a shit for artists who don't care about their environment - be it trees or city streets.
  • It seems everyone who cared wanted him acquitted and the rest didn't give a shit.
  • They don't care about you; they don't give a shit what you do as long as you're following their set of laws.
not know shit
vulgar slang Not know anything.
Example sentences
  • Apparently you're the one who doesn't know shit.
  • I think he kinda just doesn't know shit about politics.
  • Well then, do you really think you're qualified to discuss Nuclear Power when you don't know shit?
shit for brains
vulgar slang, chiefly North American A stupid person.
Example sentences
  • Unless you've got shit for brains in that idiot skull of yours, which apparently you do right now you'd realize how lucky you are to have a kid like him!
  • It seems too common that hot-looking guys have shit for brains, and I don't want anything to do with that type of guy.
  • Although you could just call me shit for brains if you want, that too would be quite appropriate.
be up shit creek (also be up shit creek without a paddle)
vulgar slang Be in an awkward predicament.
Example sentences
  • Because if I'd been just depending on my records and my tours, I'd have been up shit creek.
  • It just shows, no matter how bad you think your life is… there is always someone out there further up shit creek.
  • When I was seven, he walked out on the family as well and really left us up shit creek.
when the shit hits the fan
vulgar slang When the disastrous consequences of something become public.
Example sentences
  • However, if it does happen, when the shit hits the fan - and it will - Americans will be looking for someone to blame.
  • The added bonus is that by using the CIA to convey the information, you can then blame the CIA when the shit hits the fan.
  • No word yet on whether those ‘spiritual forces’ will aid him when the shit hits the fan.


Old English scitte 'diarrhoea', of Germanic origin; related to Dutch schijten, German scheissen (verb). The term was originally neutral and used without vulgar connotation.

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