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shriek Line breaks: shriek
Pronunciation: /ʃriːk/

Definition of shriek in English:


[no object]
1Utter a high-pitched piercing sound or words, especially as an expression of terror, pain, or excitement: the audience shrieked with laughter [with direct speech]: ‘There it is!’ she shrieked [with object]: she was shrieking abuse at a taxi
More example sentences
  • Chehl tried to get free, shrieking in pain and terror, but he couldn't break loose.
  • I shrieked with laughter, which is what you do with Rosemary, for her own contagious laugh is as big as she is.
  • Sadie shrieked with laughter, and looked up to the sky.
scream, screech, squeal, squawk, roar, howl, bellow, bawl, shout, yell, cry, cry out, call, call out, call at the top of one's voice, clamour, bay, cheer, yawp, yelp, squall, caterwaul, whoop, wail;
raise one's voice
North American informal holler
1.1(Of something inanimate) make a high-pitched screeching sound: the wheels shrieked as the car sped away
More example sentences
  • The wheels of the car shrieked in protest as Khanor slammed on the brakes, nearly spinning out.
  • They are the squeaky wheels shrieking for grease.
  • The screeching metal sounded like innocent angels shrieking and crying from being excommunicated from the riches and comforts of their heaven.
1.2Be very obvious or strikingly discordant: the answer shrieked at her all too clearly the patterned carpets shrieked at Blanche from the shabby store
More example sentences
  • Commonsense shrieked at me not to let a drop pass my lips, but it was irresistible, like musty goat's cheese straight from the liquidizer.
  • My mind shrieked at me, demanding that I get out while I could, while my heart was intact.
  • The interior, even on a Calais, still shrieks its distinctly working car roots; a general plasticky look and feel which ill behoves a $50,000 car.


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1A high-pitched piercing cry or sound; a scream: shrieks of laughter
More example sentences
  • All the shrieks and screams inside sound like wind from the outside.
  • The boy started to scream, not a yell of pain but a high-pitched shriek of panic that reminded me of a rabbit's death throes, which reminded me that I was hungry.
  • Now maybe it'll go away - It let out a high-pitched shriek and Robyn screamed, now fully awake.
North American informal holler
2 informal An exclamation mark.


Late 15th century (as a verb): imitative; compare with dialect screak, Old Norse skrækja, also with screech.



Example sentences
  • They tend to be shriekers, protestors, clowns, the whole bit.
  • On the tennis court, this one-time ‘shrieker and screamer and racket-abuser’ admits to having lost his competitive edge and is nowadays happy just getting a game.
  • Jude, Daisy and the children went to see a Robert Plant show in Mississippi and went to see the old shrieker and his band backstage afterwards.


Pronunciation: /ˈʃriːkɪŋ/
Example sentences
  • It emits this shrieking screaming gut-wrenching noise that immediately permeates whatever dream I am seeing then.
  • Casey threw her purse down on the floor and let out a shrieking scream.
  • We were the ones who fell into a shrieking mess and screamed like cowards.


Pronunciation: /ˈʃriːkɪŋ/
Example sentences
  • One year the mullet hairstyle's shriekingly funny bad taste, the next year it's in Grand Royal magazine, and the year after that it hits the suburbs.
  • Abandoned by Karin, alienated from her daughter, mother and friend, all shriekingly present, she trashes the flat.
  • It is a fairly transparent, shriekingly anti-left, smear campaign.

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