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Pronunciation: /slaɡ


1 [mass noun] Stony waste matter separated from metals during the smelting or refining of ore: the burning liquid iron was forming a scum of slag
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  • The hardened matter was slag, a waste product from metal working, and contained evidence of iron, copper and lead manufacture.
  • In highly developed countries, the major components of industrial waste are blast furnace and steel slag, and power station ash.
  • The union has leveled 15 separate charges against Levy, a contractor at Mittal Steel USA, which performs slag processing and metal reclamation.
1.1Stony material ejected by a volcano; scoria: [count noun]: flow after flow of lava, slags, powders, and ejecta cast upon the previous outpourings in grotesque patterns
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  • Thirdly, reduce the clinker content in cement, by intergrinding cementious material like slag, fly ash, or limestone.
  • The difference in densities of the molten iron and molten slag allow each material to be removed separately from the furnace.
  • It was a more rustic and northern version of Detroit with escarpments of slag and iron ore.
2British informal , derogatory A promiscuous woman.
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  • Boys continued to make the same distinction between prospective wives and slags.
  • If you look beyond the dehumanising stereotypes to the hard facts, it emerges that females in jail are not conniving slags.
  • She told him Trev had called her a dirty slag after their drink the other night and had refused to sleep with her.
2.1A contemptible or insignificant person.
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  • I created it especially to deal with nosey slags like you!

verb (slags, slagging, slagged)

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1 [no object] (usually as noun slagging) Produce deposits of slag: the furnace burns at a minimum temperature to reduce slagging
2 [with object] British informal Criticize (someone) in an abusive and insulting manner: my girlfriend was always slagging him off
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  • When he does those anthologies he gets slagged by the critics but they're the books that sell and support everything else that he does.
  • People slag me off because I'm a larger-than-life character, and that's part of my thing from the past - I lived my life very excessively.
  • Meanwhile, Hain himself can slag people off just because they don't conform to his narrow vision of what constitutes a Brit.


mid 16th century: from Middle Low German slagge, perhaps from slagen 'strike', with reference to fragments formed by hammering. The verb sense 'criticize' dates from the 1970s.



adjective (slaggier, slaggiest)
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  • The whole of it waggled with unhealthy cushions of fat; it all hung, it was all slack and without structure - slaggy, gelatinous, sick.
  • Everyone must have some sympathy with Bible Belters and Muslims who point to the slaggy decadence of secular western culture.

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