Definition of slosh in English:

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Pronunciation: /slɒʃ/


1 [no object, with adverbial of direction] (Of liquid in a container) move irregularly with a splashing sound: water in the boat sloshed about under our feet figurative there is so much money now sloshing around in professional tennis
More example sentences
  • He thought he might fall forever, until he hit the ground hard, ankle-deep water sloshing at his feet.
  • The warm water sloshed around making gentle splashing sounds as it hit the sides of the pool.
  • I rushed back as fast as I could, water sloshing in the pot.
spill, slop, splash, flow, overflow, splatter, spatter
1.1Move through liquid with a splashing sound: they sloshed up the tracks in the dank woods
More example sentences
  • The dirt floor is wet and you slosh in your rubber boots through puddles.
  • Or I could say this: ‘Colin spilled into his common room, and I sloshed after him.’
  • She began to shiver in the freezing air and the cold, slimy water, and Nick sloshed his way over to take her in his arms.
1.2 [with object and adverbial of direction] Pour (liquid) clumsily: she sloshed coffee into a cracked cup
More example sentences
  • Evans jumps back as she sloshes boiling water about, pouring it into the already half-full tea pot.
  • Thanks to spoons and a spittoon, Mike is soon tasting away, sloshing the liquid in his mouth, expelling it and talking everything up.
  • He reached forward with one huge arm and picked up a large tankard of some drink, sloshing amber liquid on the table.
pour, slop, splash
informal glug
2 [with object] British informal Hit (someone) hard: why did you slosh me?
informal whack, belt, bash, biff, bop, clout, wallop, swipe, sock, lam, crown, whomp, deck, floor
British informal stick one on, dot
North American informal boff, bust, slug, whale
Australian/New Zealand informal dong, quilt
literary smite, swinge


1An act or sound of splashing: the distant slosh of the washing machine in the basement
More example sentences
  • In a bathtub, you might move a couple of dozen litres of water with such a slosh, but sea floor movements have in the past displaced more than 100 cubic kilometres of water - billions of bathtubs.
  • Her hair was slick with rain and her high-heeled boots sent sloshes of water up to stain her jeans as she walked through the puddles that were quickly forming on the sidewalk.
  • The anger of the first clear words Bacchius heard astonished him, and he jumped slightly, causing a slight slosh and a soft tap as his head hit the metal.
1.1A quantity of liquid that is poured out: I gave Michael and myself another slosh of rye
More example sentences
  • Wash the beets, cut them into quarters (unless they are very small) and put them in a dish with a generous slosh of olive oil.
  • Add a small handful of sea salt and a slosh of olive oil.
  • Just add a slosh of white wine to the roasting tin, and yes (I am not ashamed) half a stock cube to beef it up.
2British informal A heavy blow.


Early 19th century: variant of the noun slush.

  • slush from mid 17th century:

    Slush and sludge (early 17th century) probably both imitate the sound made by walking through them, with slosh (early 19th century) being a variant of slush. Slush was also used by sailors for the accumulated fat which was left in the pot after meat was boiled for the crew. This could be sold off for use as a lubricant or fuel and the money used to buy luxuries for the crew. This was the original slush fund (mid 19th century), which had come to mean money used as a bribe by the late 19th century.

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