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Pronunciation: /slaʊtʃ


1 [no object, with adverbial] Stand, move, or sit in a lazy, drooping way: he slouched against the wall the lads slouched about the place resentfully (be slouched) he was slouched in his chair (as adjective slouching) a peculiar slouching gait
More example sentences
  • He stood slouched against one of the set's walls, his hands in his pockets and his feet crossed at the ankles.
  • She demanded again, and poked Greg in the arm until he stopped slouching, moved up to the suit, and yanked off the helmet.
  • In the best-known photograph of him, he slouches with one lazy hand on his rifle, sporting a squint that makes him seem none too bright.
slump, hunch;
loll, droop, sag, stoop
2 [with object] dated Bend one side of the brim of (a hat) downwards: a travelling hat slouched over his eyes


[in singular] Back to top  
1A lazy, drooping posture or movement: his stance was a round-shouldered slouch
More example sentences
  • I have a slight slouch, but that shouldn't count against me, should it?
  • Chris, who was already waiting there, removed his hands from behind his head and sat up, for he had been positioned in a lazy slouch.
  • My back ached and for the first time, I recognized the slouch in my posture.
2 [usually with negative] informal An incompetent person: my brother was no slouch at making a buck he’s no slouch on the guitar
More example sentences
  • And big city police forces are no slouches either.
  • And few of those hold a candle to magnificent Ms. Jones and her mighty Dap-Kings, a collective powerhouse on stage and no slouches in the studio either.
  • The competition deserves a higher status than it has had in the past, because the clubs involved in it are certainly no slouches.


early 16th century (in the sense 'lazy, slovenly person'): of unknown origin. Slouching was used to mean 'hanging down, drooping' (specifically describing a hat with a brim hanging over the face), and 'having an awkward posture' from the 17th century.

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