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1Used to show that something or someone is commonly designated by the name or term specified: Western Countries belonging to the so-called Paris club
More example sentences
  • It is all done in the name of curbing the so-called bad actors, but it imposes costs on everyone.
  • He had no doubt that many so-called modern worship forms would become obsolete.
  • The organisation believes so-called drug driving is now more common than driving while over the limit.
inappropriately named;
supposed, alleged, presumed, ostensible, reputed, pretended, feigned, artificial, synthetic, counterfeit;
1.1Used to express one’s view that such a name or term is inappropriate: she could trust him more than any of her so-called friends
More example sentences
  • So tell me, John, why is it that all your so-called friends and family hate you so much?
  • It was a time when many of his old so-called friends had dropped him like a hot potato.
  • At the trial, my so-called best friend stood in the dock and spoke against me.

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