Definition of socialist in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈsəʊʃ(ə)lɪst/


A person who advocates or practises socialism: she was a lifelong socialist
More example sentences
  • How should revolutionary socialists relate to reformist ideas and organisations?
  • The title and presentation of this book will give it an appeal to many socialists and union activists.
  • He always remained a revolutionary socialist despite the background he came from.
left-wing, Fabian, syndicalist, utopian socialist;
radical, revolutionary, militant, red;
progressive, progressivist, reforming, social-democrat;
Labour, Labourite, labourist;
Marxist, Leninist, Marxist–Leninist, Trotskyite, Maoist
informal, derogatory lefty, pink, pinko, Bolshie, commie
left-winger, Fabian, syndicalist, utopian socialist;
progressive, progressivist, reformer, social democrat;
Marxist, Leninist, Marxist–Leninist, Trotskyite, Maoist
informal, derogatory lefty, pink, pinko, Bolshie, Commie


Adhering to or based on the principles of socialism: the history of socialist movement
More example sentences
  • The second is the deepening employment crisis caused by the collapse of the old socialist industries.
  • Will's own writings made his socialist ideas clear.
  • The bombings may simply have brought thousands more socialist voters to the polls.



Pronunciation: /səʊʃ(ə)ˈlɪstɪk/
Example sentences
  • Initially, there existed not only Catholic, but also strong secular and socialistic tendencies in the Solidarity movement.
  • We are living in an age in which all governments, regardless of the system of political and economic organization, whether interventionistic, socialistic, democratic or dictatorial, are occupying an economic command post.
  • Academic economists - even some of those who call themselves ‘free market’ economists - have provided plenty of intellectual support for socialistic tax policies.


Pronunciation: /səʊʃəˈlɪstɪkəli/
Example sentences
  • ‘As a socialistically oriented government, we would have come to a similar solution’, admitted Michel Rocard, one of the party heavyweights.
  • The social consequences of the abrupt transition from the socialistically planned economy to the socially market economy were tremendous.
  • It could create an economic environment not based on a supply and demand capitalistic nature, but on the premise of socialistically organized industry.
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