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Pronunciation: /ˈsɒri

adjective (sorrier, sorriest)

  • 3 [attributive] In a poor or pitiful state: he looks a sorry sight with his broken jaw
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    • A neglected garden is a sorry sight and a poor producer.
    • Pity instead the poor public, those sorry souls into whose lives the media machine has pumped a decade's worth of pouting.
    • You've proved that your a bunch of sorry pitiful bastards.
    pitiful, pitiable, heart-rending, distressing; unfortunate, wretched, unhappy, unlucky, disastrous, calamitous, regrettable, mortifying, shameful, awful
    rare distressful
  • 3.1Unpleasant and regrettable, especially on account of incompetence or misbehaviour: we feel so ashamed that we keep quiet about the whole sorry business
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    • Add to these charges the negligence and incompetence shown throughout this sorry affair.
    • Update: that was just me moaning because my bank account was in a sorry state.
    • There then follows the sorry account, previously reported in these sports pages, of an Italian sausage and a brutal beating from a Pittsburgh Pirate.


sorry for oneself

Sad and self-pitying: he was sorry for himself in his hopeless loneliness
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  • As I once observed: ‘There's a real difference between feeling sorry for yourself and feeling your sorrow.’
  • He waited for her, feeling sorry for himself and miserable with his own thoughts about how he had mistrusted her.
  • If things don't work out the way you intended, there's no point feeling sorry for yourself; you get up, dust yourself down and get on with it.



More example sentences
  • I dropped an old email account over a year ago and have sorrily been missing the newsletter!
  • Or, to exhaust this vein of sorrily mixed metaphor, a rare bird.
  • If they feel that students have had a chance to comment and have not because they have not emailed them, they are sorrily mistaken.


More example sentences
  • Despite his injuries, Jared has a very uplifting outlook on life - deal with it, otherwise you will live in a perpetual state of sorriness for yourself.
  • Moreover the figure at hand suffers on such occasion because it shows up its sorriness without shade; while vague figures afar off are honoured in that their distance makes artistic virtues of their stains.
  • Much sorriness for the rift between the lovers.


Old English sārig 'pained, distressed', of West Germanic origin, from the base of the noun sore. The shortening of the root vowel has given the word an apparent connection with the unrelated sorrow.

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