Definition of squeal in English:

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Pronunciation: /skwiːl/


A long, high-pitched cry or noise: they drew up with a squeal of brakes
More example sentences
  • We used the double-pulsed ESPI technique to investigate a brake that had a noise squeal at 5.92 kHz.
  • Funniest of all, though, is the opening squeal of computer noise nonsense that momentarily almost passes for a new Radiohead composition in itself.
  • The children shot in like missiles, the cliffs around echoing with squeals and splashes and Crocodile Dundee-style ‘coo-eees’.
screech, scream, shriek, squawk, howl, cry, wail, squall, yawp, yelp, shrill


[no object]
1Make a squeal: the girls squealed with delight
More example sentences
  • Most of the girls around us squealed with delight, but I shivered and chills sprang up on my body - I had been the intended recipient of that wave.
  • The girls squealed with delight as they each grabbed a slice greedily.
  • The three girls squealed in delight and began talking excitedly.
screech, scream, shriek, squawk, howl, cry, wail, squall, yawp, yelp, shrill
1.1 [with direct speech] Say something in a high-pitched, excited tone: ‘Don’t you dare!’ she squealed
More example sentences
  • A high-pitched voice squealed his name and made him look up.
  • ‘Oooooh,’ commented Alex, in an extremely high pitched squeal, his shifty green eyes darting at Arlyn and Casey in turn.
  • ‘Ah, Zach,’ he squealed in the same tone that he had used when the gang had been in fourth grade.
1.2 informal Complain or protest about something: the bookies only squealed because we beat them
More example sentences
  • She squeals in protest, and tries to push him off.
  • He jumped, spun clear around in mid-air and took off running in the other direction, squealing in protest and fright.
  • Rynn lowered her head and nudged the small creature gently, but she caught him off guard and he fell over, squealing in protest.
complain, protest, object, express disapproval, raise objections, make/take a stand, put up a fight, kick, take exception, grouse, grouch, grumble, whine, wail, moan, carp, squawk
informal kick up a fuss, kick up a stink, gripe, bellyache, bitch, beef, whinge
Northern English informal mither
2 informal Inform on someone to the police or a person in authority: she feared they would victimize her for squealing on their pals
More example sentences
  • He begins, squealing on the bigger boys anyway.
  • His editor would not challenge and tolerate him, the various and sundry contacts and stoolies would not squeal to him.
  • ‘The reporter never squealed, but he never went to jail, either,’ Janensch writes.
inform (on/against), act as an informer, tell tales (on), sneak (on), report, give away, be disloyal (to), sell out, stab in the back
informal rat (on), blow the whistle (on), peach (on), snitch (on), put the finger on, sell down the river, stitch up
British informal grass (on), split (on), shop
Scottish informal clype (on)
North American informal rat out, finger, fink on, drop a/the dime on
Australian informal pimp on, pool, put someone's pot on



Pronunciation: /ˈskwiːlə/
Example sentences
  • These squealers are insurance companies that've been getting fat at our expense.
  • That's the case of these squealers - they're America's giant bankers, and they're out to crush their small competitors so the giants can then control all of our banking outlets.
  • When did we become a nation either of intolerant squealers who cannot abide difference of opinion or thoughtless conformists happy to oblige these fanatics?


Middle English (as a verb): imitative. The noun dates from the mid 18th century.

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