Definition of stacked in English:

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Pronunciation: /stakt/


1(Of a number of things) put or arranged in a stack or stacks: the stacked chairs
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  • To the right of the beds, there was a work table, and there were four neatly stacked chairs in the corner next to the table.
  • That's all that my room is at the moment; a collection of stacked stuff.
  • Terraced soil or stacked stones provide a place for the water to spill over.
1.1(Of a place or surface) filled or covered with goods: the stacked shelves
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  • And, worth noting, the larger retail outlets offer seas of stacked aisles in which to get confused.
  • He is a natural bon-viveur and legendary dinner party host, although rumours he keeps a fully stacked champagne-only fridge are, sadly, untrue.
1.2Having sections that are arranged vertically: full-sized washer/dryers are replacing stacked units
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  • With increasing extension, or shear, vertically stacked books will progressively rotate, attaining ever-decreasing angles to the horizontal.
  • It comes with vertically stacked dual headlamps and a narrower passenger seat than other BMWcruisers.
  • Suzuki has gone for vertically stacked headlights and no-maintenance LED-type rear tail lights.
1.3(Of a heel) made from thin layers of material glued one on top of the other: the new boots you buy will be leather with stacked heels
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  • Basically, you need to go out and invest in a new pair of slouch boots with a stacked heel and/or flat pumps.
  • Women, brace yourselves for stacked heels, and men, the Chelsea boot looks best with a pair of low-rise dirty denim jeans.
2(Of a pack of cards) shuffled or arranged dishonestly so as to gain an unfair advantage: you were playing against a stacked deck figurative a stacked deck of a political system
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  • Boxing is full of stacked decks and unfair decisions but through it all, sometimes we just get a great fight.
  • I never expected this respected professor of economics to deal from a stacked deck.
  • Mephistopheles is dealing with a stacked deck and he knows it.
3 informal (Of a woman) having large breasts: she’s really stacked she was a vivacious and well-stacked young woman
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  • She is stacked and feisty, but not actually that smart a player.
  • The band of four head off on their little adventure and I suddenly notice that Stephanie is stacked.
  • She's stacked, limber and looking for a father figure.
4 Computing (Of a task) placed in a queue for subsequent processing: an operating system that allows for stacked jobs
More example sentences
  • This invention relates in general to printing systems, and more particularly to a system and method for managing print object headers associated with active print objects via a controllable stacked object queue arrangement.
  • The print object headers are made available in a plurality of register sets or queues, which are serially arranged in a stacked queue configuration.
  • As print object headers enter the stacked object queue via a first queue, they are shifted through the remaining queues as they become available.
4.1(Of a stream of data) stored in such a way that the most recently stored item is the first to be retrieved: MIDI interface featuring stacked MIDI note numbers
More example sentences
  • A special case of data retrieval from multiple tables is the use of stacked cursors to fetch data from logical copies of the same table, in a manner that provides a solution to the so called "Parts explosion" problem.
  • Stacked cursors are typically used in application programs which traverse a tree structure stored in the database.
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