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Pronunciation: /stag


  • 1A male deer, especially a male red deer after its fifth year.
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    • Beyond it great beams of light lit up the depths of Glen Loyne and somewhere down below, red deer stags roared defiance at each other across the glen.
    • Red deer stags greeted me on the ridge crest and a buzzard wheeled away over the corrie below.
    • I camped high in the glen, with a golden eagle and a clutch of red deer stags for company.
  • 1.1A turkeycock over one year old.
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    • Selective breeding has made turkey stags so broad-breasted, they cannot mate without crushing the female.
    • With ten classes ranging from a stag over 11 kg, to a brace of seasonal turkeys and a butchers presentation class, the judge was given a difficult task.
    • Mick Greenwood took the award for the best hen class while the prize for the best stag went to Jake Walford and the pullet class winner was Dewi Jones.
  • 2 [usually as modifier] A social gathering attended by men only: a stag event
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    • The action takes place on Hal's stag event, an all-day pub-crawl organised by his dour friend Mr Mac.
    • But Lorillard's impudence, and the comfort it promised, did impress many men to order dinner jackets of their own for private stag events.
    • I started with a Eurostar shuttle and since then I have done weddings, private hire, conferences and a stag weekend.
  • 2.1chiefly North American A man who attends a social gathering unaccompanied by a female partner: they have a rule against stags
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    • Now just 2% of visitors to Temple Bar are stags and hens, and 70% of drinkers there are Irish.
  • 3 Stock Exchange , British A person who applies for shares in a new issue with a view to selling at once for a profit: stags made an average profit of £60 each


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  • Without a female partner at a social gathering: a lot of boys went stag
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    • ‘Most everyone's going stag and probably going to pick someone up, you know how it is,’ she shrugged.
    • I refuse to go stag, especially with my ankle; I'd just be sitting on the sidelines the entire night.
    • If even nice, quiet, very, very shy Natalie Pierce has a date then I mind as well give up now, go stag, and wear a sign that says ‘loser’ around my neck.

verb (stags, stagging, stagged)

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  • 1 Stock Exchange , British Buy (shares in a new issue) and sell them at once for a profit: they made profits from stagging each issue
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    • When investors rediscover stagging - applying for shares in new (and typically low quality) companies with the intention of selling them at the first opportunity for a quick profit - then it's time to worry.
    • The restriction could limit the opportunity for stagging the stock.
  • 2North American informal Roughly cut (a garment, especially a pair of trousers) to make it shorter: (as adjective stagged) stagged jeans
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    • Hels was a short, stocky man in a plaid jumper, stagged trousers and boots.
    • The men looked alike at first; rough-looking, in their heavy boots, plaid shirts and stagged pants.


Middle English (as a noun): related to Old Norse steggr 'male bird', Icelandic steggi 'tomcat'.

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