Definition of suds in English:

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Pronunciation: /sʌdz/

plural noun

1Froth made from soap and water: she was up to her elbows in suds soap suds
More example sentences
  • Swish up warm soap or detergent suds in the kitchen sink.
  • He was in a large tub full of warm water filled with suds and bubbles.
  • Wash in lukewarm soapy water, rinse until clear of suds in lukewarm water.
1.1North American informal Beer: they keep the suds flowing all night a can of suds
More example sentences
  • All tickets are still priced under $10 and there's plenty of buzz to be had with your suds in the centrally-located beer tent.
  • The bottle is made of heavier-gauge aluminum than a standard beer can, so it keeps the suds colder longer.
  • He was once a part-owner of the Minnesota Vikings and owned a piece of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer during an era when microbrews were playing taps all over the name-brand suds.


[with object] chiefly North American
1Lather, cover, or wash in soapy water: Martha sudsed my back
More example sentences
  • Judging by the one I viewed, which involved a car wash and much sudsing of non-automotive parts, this was not surprising).
  • Love the smell of the shampoo she's sudsing through your tresses?
1.1 [no object] Form suds: soft baby soap that sudsed
More example sentences
  • Do not put any other cleaning compound inside dishwasher, as it may suds and interfere with dish washing action.
  • The Drano, however, managed to get into the tub as well as in the drain and when I flushed 15 minutes later with hot water, the water in the tub was sudsing.
  • His father asked him to run a project in the petro-chemical industry, producing LAB, a sudsing agent for the detergent industry.



Pronunciation: /ˈsʌdzi/
adjective (sudsier, sudsiest)
Example sentences
  • Residents who live along the banks of Deep Cove's Parkside Creek woke up to a sudsy shock last Friday morning - billowing soap bubbles that foamed over a foot high in the creek.
  • When freed of the sudsy water, rinsed, and toweled off, she launched into a joyful frenzy of rolling in the grass, her newly bleached fur glistening in the sunlight.
  • As the water tumbles over the huge boulders forming a great cloak of foam, the dorsal fins of the salmon along their blue/black backs pierce the sudsy water like an emerging submarine.


Mid 19th century: of uncertain sense development but perhaps originally denoting the floodwater of the fens; compare with Middle Low German sudde, Middle Dutch sudse 'marsh, bog'; probably related to seethe.

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