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Line breaks: sus|pend
Pronunciation: /səˈspɛnd

Definition of suspend in English:


[with object]
1Temporarily prevent from continuing or being in force or effect: work on the dam was suspended
More example sentences
  • While immediate lay-offs have been temporarily suspended, the crisis continues with thousands of jobs among Rover's suppliers also under threat.
  • The traders have been forced to temporarily suspend trading as they do not want any more clients to fall into this black hole.
  • Recently Ryanair was forced to temporarily suspend services on its Strasbourg / London route.
1.1Officially prohibit (someone) from holding their usual post or carrying out their usual role for a particular length of time: two officers were suspended from duty pending the outcome of the investigation
More example sentences
  • She was suspended from her post in charge of 20 community wardens last summer and her contract was not renewed when it expired in March this year.
  • The Evening Echo has learned he was suspended from his role as governor immediately after he was arrested.
  • Hall was suspended from his post the following day.
exclude, debar, shut out, keep out, remove, eliminate, reject, expel, eject, evict, rusticate
1.2Defer or delay (an action, event, or judgement): the judge suspended judgement until January 15
More example sentences
  • Cannier SME owners will suspend judgement until they see what real changes emerge in the kind of deals their banks are prepared to offer.
  • Refreshments were served and the Ballinrobe Branch has now suspended its weekly meeting until September.
  • I'm suspending this meeting until a later time when I can get everyone's complete attention and input.
adjourn, interrupt, break off, postpone, delay, defer, shelve, arrest, put off, intermit, prorogue, hold over, put aside, pigeonhole, put/hold/keep in abeyance;
cut short, bring to an end, cease, discontinue, dissolve, disband, terminate, call a halt to;
North American table
informal put on ice, put on the back burner, mothball
North American informal take a rain check on
1.3 Law (Of a judge or court) cause (an imposed sentence) not to be enforced as long as no further offence is committed within a specified period: the sentence was suspended for six months (as adjective suspended) a suspended jail sentence
More example sentences
  • The judge suspended the sentence but the conviction stood.
  • Instead, the judge suspended the 18-month prison sentence for two years.
  • Five years of the sentence was conditionally suspended for five years.
2Hang (something) from somewhere: the light was suspended from the ceiling
More example sentences
  • In some bizarre animator's joke, they were literally suspended, all hung in the air in a big room.
  • The key to the diary was suspended from a silver key chain.
  • At the head of the room, a large screen was suspended from the ceiling and onto it was projected what appeared to be the layout for their graduation.
swing, dangle
3 (be suspended) (Of solid particles) be dispersed throughout the bulk of a fluid: the paste contains collagen suspended in a salt solution
More example sentences
  • This is coupled through solid-fluid interaction rules to the Newtonian rotation and translation of solid particles suspended in the fluid.
  • Latex emulsions are made up of polymeric materials suspended in an aqueous solvent by a surfactant.
  • The mobility of electrons is influenced by cellular metabolism and the concentration of charged particles suspended in body fluid.
4 Music Prolong (a note of a chord) into a following chord, usually so as to produce a temporary discord.


Middle English: from Old French suspendre or Latin suspendere, from sub- 'from below' + pendere 'hang'.


suspend disbelief

Temporarily allow oneself to believe something that is not true, especially in order to enjoy a work of fiction.
Example sentences
  • Feature films invite us to defy reality, believe a fiction, suspend disbelief.
  • Though the older ones might know very well that the characters are just ordinary persons in disguise, they are ready to suspend disbelief and enjoy themselves along with the rest.
  • It's not like superheroes, where an essentially silly subject has a huge cultural resonance allowing an audience to suspend disbelief.

suspend payment

(Of a company) cease to meet its financial obligations as a result of insolvency or insufficient funds.
Example sentences
  • It followed that the debt, evidenced by the receipt, had not matured when the merchant suspended payment.
  • Wracked by civil wars, Mexico suspended payment on its international loans in 1861 and in retaliation a joint Anglo-Spanish-French force seized Vera Cruz.

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