Definition of teat in English:

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Pronunciation: /tiːt/


1A nipple of the mammary gland of a female mammal, from which the milk is sucked by the young.
Example sentences
  • To minimize inhalation of pigmented powder by the animals, only a small amount of powder was applied to the area immediately surrounding the teats of lactating females.
  • The females have no teats and the young feed through numerous tiny openings in the skin of the mother's belly.
  • The backwardly opening pouch of the female encloses two teats.
1.1British A thing resembling a teat or nipple, especially a perforated plastic bulb by which an infant or young animal can suck milk from a bottle.
Example sentences
  • Even with modern plastic bottles and synthetic teats failure of hygienic cleaning and contaminated water supplies can prove lethal.
  • When you bottlefeed, hold your baby close and tip the bottle up so the teat fills with milk, and not air.
  • My youngest memory is sitting up in my pram and cutting the top off my bottle teat with a pair of scissors, I can even describe the room and where I was parked


Middle English (superseding earlier tit2): from Old French tete, probably of Germanic origin.

  • tit from Old English:

    Few words in English have such snigger-inducing contrasts in meaning. In the name for small songbirds, tit is probably of Scandinavian origin and related to Icelandic titlingur ‘sparrow’. It first appeared in English in the Middle Ages in the longer equivalent titmouse, though mice had nothing to do with it—the second element was originally mose, which also meant ‘tit’. It changed to mouse in the 16th century, probably because of the bird's small size and quick movements. In Old English a tit was a teat or nipple—it is from the same root as teat (Middle English). In modern English it is a term for a woman's breast, a use that arose in the USA in the early 20th century. Since the 1970s British tits and bums and American tits and ass have suggested crudely sexual images of women. As a name for a foolish person, used since the 19th century, tit may be the same word, or it may have evolved from twit.

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