Definition of telling-off in English:


Line breaks: telling-off

noun (plural tellings-off)

British informal
A reprimand: your dad gave me such a telling-off
More example sentences
  • One could easily picture her sympathetically tending grazed knees in the playground, while, the next minute, dishing out stern tellings-off in her office.
  • If you cry and wet yourself, you don't get a cuddle from the headmistress and a new uniform from lost property, you get a stern telling-off from the director and everyone else calls you ‘nurse wee-pants’ for the rest of the run.
  • These may not seem like important statements to you - in truth, they are ideas that are probably best answered with a quick slap round the head, a hefty dose of realism and a sound telling-off for getting too deeply immersed in my own self.
informal rap, rap over the knuckles, slap on the wrist, flea in one's ear, talking-to, dressing-down, earful, roasting, tongue-lashing, bawling-out, caning, blast, blowing up
British informal ticking off, carpeting, wigging, rollicking, rocket, row
Australian/New Zealand informal serve
British vulgar slang bollocking
dated rating

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