Definition of telnet in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈtɛlnɛt/


[mass noun]
1A network protocol that allows a user on one computer to log into another computer that is part of the same network.
Example sentences
  • By connecting through the console server to a device console using simple telnet, the network manager is able to do so without the need for vendor-specific or other specialized software.
  • But inside such a network, rlogin, telnet and the other r * commands give excellent and much more convenient service within their respective realms of use.
  • To allow telnet access into a Cisco router, configure the VTY lines with a password and the login command.
1.1 [count noun] A program that establishes a connection from one computer to another by means of telnet.
Example sentences
  • With no fancy graphic interfaces or elaborate designs, a user simply connects to a server using a MOO client program or telnet, logs in and begins interacting within the environment.
  • One of the applications that we used at the time was a telnet emulator called Kermit.
  • If the user is to be allowed to enter privileged exec mode during a telnet session, an enable password or enable secret must be set.
1.2 [count noun] A link established using a telnet program.
Example sentences
  • Thus, a telnet connection between two computers will almost certainly include two IP addresses, an arbitrary port on the client, and the well-known port 23 on the server.
  • Once the dæmon is running, connect from a terminal window by doing a telnet to the port you defined.
  • Oooh, I see you've a large number of telnet connections to dialup lines in the Netherlands.

verb (telnets, telnetting, telnetted)

[no object] informal
Log into a remote computer using a telnet program.
Example sentences
  • Just five years ago, cutting-edge college students were telnetting to their University libraries to find research materials.
  • So far, we have been telnetting or SSHing to each machine one at a time to get the new root password in, because the root password won't map to each machine.
  • There's also another method to use so the user is placed directly into privileged exec mode when telnetting in, avoiding the enable password prompt.



Example sentences
  • So we either need to telnet into the CE box, then telnet from there into the linux machine, or find a way to have the linux machine be telnettable from outside the subnet.
  • AnotherNet BBS is a telnettable Synchronet Bulletin Board System featuring 100% spam-free text-based discussion groups, games, chat, and more.
  • I used DG for some time in a similar environment, but with ancient terminal annex devices that were telnettable (TCP / IP), that used serial ports (on the DG box).


1970s: blend of telecommunication and network.

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