Definition of there in English:

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Pronunciation: /ðɛː/


1In, at, or to that place or position: we went to Paris and stayed there ten days [with infinitive]: at the end of the day we are there to make money [after preposition]: I’m not going in there—it’s freezing
More example sentences
  • On Tuesday the post office said that our application would be there by ten at the latest the next morning.
  • He'd already gone over the hill and Dave told me that he had decided to stay over there.
  • What still confuses me though is why the people who protest about it every year insist on staying there.
1.1Used when gesturing to indicate the place intended: there on the right
More example sentences
  • ‘It's over there,’ she told him, pointing to it.
  • Our archives are up there in the attic, but they haven't been sorted into any kind of order.
  • She's down there at her desk.
1.2At that point (in speech, performance, writing, etc.): ‘I’m quite—.’ There she stopped
More example sentences
  • Our speech ended there, for Burginde came bumping up the steps with a bucket of warm water.
  • We have no municipality with a large purse behind it - possibly there lies the cause.
  • For between his crime and his punishment, there lies the really interesting stuff.
1.3In that respect; on that issue: I don’t agree with you there
More example sentences
  • So writers would be well advised to take separate advice on the legal position there.
  • ‘You have me there,’ I replied after some thought, finally giving in.
  • I have to take issue with you there.
2Used in attracting someone’s attention or calling attention to someone or something: hello there! there goes the phone
More example sentences
  • Hello there, can we please have your age, occupation, where you are from and where you are now?
  • Hey there, old timer!
  • There goes the last bus of the night.
3 (usually there is/are) Used to indicate the fact or existence of something: there’s a restaurant round the corner there comes a point where you give up
More example sentences
  • I'd worked so hard to get my new position, and now there was this sudden gap in my life.
  • By the end of the weekend, there had been ten fatalities in road accidents in Ireland.
  • Symptoms such as pain or sickness can indicate that there is a more serious problem inside the body.


1Used to focus attention on something: there, I told you she wouldn’t mind!
More example sentences
  • I don't, you might already have guessed, own a DVD player yet. There, I've said it now.
  • There, I've said my piece.
  • There, I hope you're happy, you finally got it out of me!
2Used to comfort someone: there, there, you must take all of this philosophically
More example sentences
  • ‘There, there,’ he said quietly. ‘We'll talk about it. You'll be all right.’
  • ‘There, there,’ I comfort. ‘You'll feel better once the culprit is caught.’
  • There, there. It will soon be over.



been there, done that

informal Used to express past experience of or overfamiliarity with something: I’ve been there, done that, got the video and the T-shirt
More example sentences
  • It sometimes just feels like I've been there, done that!
  • I've been there, done that - it's for the younger players.
  • Yes, when it comes to writing 50,000 word novels in a month, I've been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.

be there for

Be available to provide support or comfort for (someone): this person was there for me when I was going through hell
More example sentences
  • Yet, even heroes need others to support them, to be there for them.
  • My brother was the person who I knew would always love me, be there for me, support me.
  • I've been there for you, I'm supporting you and Maggie, and what do I get?

have been there before

informal Know all about a situation from experience: here are some helpful tips from mothers who’ve been there before
More example sentences
  • Kerry have the experience and they have been there before so there's probably more pressure on them as they'll be favourites.
  • It's hard to get the opportunity at a midpoint in your career if you haven't had the experience - senior managers look for people who have been there before.
  • We have been there before in religious and sporting crises and have triumphed by the simple retention of faith and belief.

here and there

see here.

so there

informal Used to express one’s defiance: you can’t share, so there!
More example sentences
  • I've never owned a car, nor have I driven one for over six years. So there!
  • I'm not embarrassed, and I'm certainly not letting you get me flustered. So there!
  • I'm not talking to her, so there!

there and then

Immediately: he agreed to it there and then
More example sentences
  • It was agreed there and then that the flag would be buried where they stood.
  • Of course, if Kingston had been bothered to speak to us when we called, we could have set the record straight there and then.
  • I instantly contacted the gallery: I wanted to buy it there and then, but it had been sold.

there goes ——

Used to express the destruction or failure of something: there goes my career
More example sentences
  • There goes my film career right out the window.
  • Well I suppose there goes my dreams of becoming a tech geek at a big company.
  • People then were looking at the derelict site and saying ‘Well, there goes our future.’

there it is

That is the situation: pretty ridiculous, I know, but there it is
More example sentences
  • It is all very odd, but there it is: they have style; I, sadly, do not.
  • He looked like he was going to cry, and I felt bad for him, but there it is… so, I got back into the car, and I left.
  • Anyway, there it is: the imperative of growth, consumption and the exploitation of resources.

there or thereabouts

In or very near a particular place or position.
Example sentences
  • If he does make it, he will be there or thereabouts, but nowhere near his peak.
  • We're near the top and we have to stay there or thereabouts.
  • I was there or thereabouts for a few years, and there's not much between being in an international squad and getting a cap.
9.1Approximately: forty years, there or thereabouts, had elapsed
More example sentences
  • I would say about 10 per cent, there or thereabouts.
  • It's 90 days there or thereabouts to the start of the Premiership.
  • Forty five minutes (there or thereabouts) is the perfect length for an album!

there you are (or go)

1This is what you wanted: there you are—that’ll be £3.80 please
More example sentences
  • ‘All right, there you go,’ Swingley says - to the dogs, not me.
  • They took it out, looked at it, had a bit of a chuckle and said there you go.
  • One day my husband came home with a computer and said there you go - now start!
2Used to express confirmation, triumph, or resignation: there you are! I told you the problem was a political one sometimes it is embarrassing, but there you go
More example sentences
  • He added: ‘Normally if the first game is away, your last is at home but we're away both times, which is a bit strange, but there you go.’
  • I was a little unfortunate and I might have finished a couple of shots better than I did, but there you go.
  • So there you go, I had a family crisis towards the end of the weekend, but it doesn't feel that way now.

there you go again

Used to criticize someone for behaving in a way that is typical of them.
Example sentences
  • Yeah I know - 80 percent of you have seen your own standard of living tumble the last couple of decades, but there you go again; Whine, whine, whine.
  • I know, you're thinking, there you go again with the gross exaggeration.
  • I almost though we could have a truce but there you go again!

there you have it

Used to draw attention to a fact or to emphasize the simplicity of a process or action: simply turn the handle three times and there you have it
More example sentences
  • Undertake care instructions 1, 2 and 3, and there you have it, a perfect crop of carrots.
  • A shiny suit maybe, a hair and dental makeover - and not forgetting a new street-cred name… and there you have it.
  • Add to that a wrap dress, a dab of her cheek stick and a squirt of her signature perfume, and there you have it: glamour in a nutshell.


Old English thǣr, thēr of Germanic origin; related to Dutch daar and German da, also to that and the.

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