Definition of thus in English:


Line breaks: thus
Pronunciation: /ðʌs


literary or formal
1As a result or consequence of this; therefore: Burke knocked out Byrne, thus becoming champion
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  • The results may thus be subject to bias if differential outcomes between treatments change over time.
  • The number of patents is thus the measurable result of the R&D efforts of a country.
  • Our survey results thus confirm reports that civilians were often direct victims of the war in Angola.
consequently, as a consequence, in consequence, so, that being so, therefore, accordingly, hence, as a result, for this/that reason, because of this/that, on this/that account;
2In the manner now being indicated or exemplified; in this way: she rang up Susan, and while she was thus engaged Chignell summoned the doctor
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  • These results will be placed as pins on the world map and thus capture predefined squares.
  • While thus engaged he was, under pretext of union, finally and fatally subjugated by the Scot.
  • Can someone retitle this thread so it's spelt properly, and thus easier to find?
like this/that, in this/that way, in this/that manner, in this/that fashion, so, like so;
as follows, as shown, as demonstrated
informal thusly
archaic in/on this/that wise
3 [as submodifier] To this point; so: the Ryder Cup is the highlight of Torrance’s career thus far
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  • Labossiere believes the work of the hate crime team has thus far been successful.
  • The local government has thus far built shelters to accommodate people from the area.
  • How many of us take what we're handed on a platter because nothing better has come along thus far?
so far, until now/then, up until now/then, till now/then, up to now/then, up to this/that point, hitherto
rare thitherto


Old English, of unknown origin.

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