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Line breaks: under|cut


Pronunciation: /ʌndəˈkʌt
(undercuts, undercutting; past and past participle undercut) [with object]
1Offer goods or services at a lower price than (a competitor): these industries have been undercut by more efficient foreign producers
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  • The company's low cost base allows it to undercut competitors, offer cheaper computers, better service and still have better margins.
  • The difference is that in a competitive market place, plumbers and electricians can attempt to undercut their competitors by offering a cheaper service and thus attract more work.
  • An ambitious kid could make decent headway if he was willing to smooth-talk lots of retailers and undercut his competitors.
charge less than, charge a lower price than, undersell, underbid
2Cut or wear away the part below or under (something, especially a cliff): the base of the crag is undercut permitting walkers to pass behind the falling water
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  • Opposite the cottonwood, on the far bank, is a 40-foot undercut cliff that resembles the prow of a ship.
  • Or maybe, because the meandering river had undercut the bank below their old ponderosa, Duke and Doreen sensed that the tree was no longer safe.
  • Rock transmits sound fairly well and heavy foot vibrations, if the ledge you're stood on is undercut below you, can warn the fish and make them nervous for a while.
2.1Cut away material to leave (a carved design) in relief.
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  • The Romans created this sort of glass by undercutting a solid two-layered vase to produce relief decoration.
  • Detailed work is undertaken with chisels and knives, and the layers are pared away, though undercutting for sharp detail will also be done with drills.
3Weaken; undermine: the chairman denied his authority was being undercut
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  • In the meantime, we are undercutting his authority.
  • Or do I withhold punishment or censure and in so doing undercut the teacher's authority?
  • As a result, we avoid a process that undercuts the authority of and respect for the Supreme Court.
undermine, weaken, impair, damage, sap, threaten, subvert, sabotage, ruin, disrupt, undo, destabilize, demolish, wreck, destroy, chip away
4 Tennis Strike (a ball) with backspin so that it bounces high on landing.
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  • Frequent pop-ups are an indication he has been undercutting the ball.


Pronunciation: /ˈʌndəkʌt
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1A space formed by the removal or absence of material from the lower part of something: there may be some bigger fish in the safety of the undercut
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  • Where land meets sea in the north, the power of the ocean has chiselled undercuts, caves and fissures into the limestone cliff.
  • It gets better and better, the water cutting deeper into the curved and hollowed rock, with slabby undercuts and terraced waterfalls.
  • Such materials can easily be peeled back in larger sections from the surface of the original model, while preserving the undercuts.
1.1North American A notch cut in a tree trunk to guide its fall when felled.
2British The underside of a sirloin of beef.

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